Hands-Down Basic Components Of Strong SEO Strategy Designed For Online Retailers

Hands-Down Basic Components Of Strong SEO Strategy Designed For Online Retailers

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Hands-Down Basic Components Of Strong SEO Strategy Designed For Online Retailers

One of the major marketing steps that help online retailers build internet business is SEO. Generally speaking, it is the procedure of tailoring website to algorithms that search engines mostly use for ranking websites. It mainly depends on the signals, which that site will generally emit. Well, it is known facts that search engine based algorithms are always changing with time as the web evolves. Therefore, online retailers are always in need to evolve with engines. So, you have to be very careful of the changes made with best practices for claiming best rankings for relevant keywords.

If you want 2018 & also in 2019 to be a great year for website ranking, you need to be aware of SEO components, which online retailers should be aware of while optimizing e-commerce website to rank right at the top.

First comes the keywords:

For any successful SEO strategy, keyword research is the first step. Those websites, successful with proper SEO, can understand what people are generally asking for while discovering businesses in search engines. These keywords are mainly used for driving targeted traffic to products.

  • It is important to start brainstorming potential keywords. You need to see how these keywords are scoring by using Google-based keyword Tool, Google Adwords.
  • If you ever come across some keywords, which are too competitive in your selected niche, then go for long tail ones, which are between two and five words. These key phrases are easier to get a high rank.
  • The longer these keywords are, the less competition you might have to face for that phrase in the selected major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Use of Meta tags:

In SEO, Meta tags are designed to play a pivotal role. If you ever type any keyword into a search engine, you might get to see how this keyword will reflect in the title for that significant page. Google will take a quick look at your page as a signal of relevance for that particular keyword. The same rule is applicable to the description of that said page. However, you don’t have to worry about keyword title tag. Google, once said publicly, that it will not pay attention to those keyword title tags, as those have been abused by webmasters and those people, trying to rank for various keywords.

Next you have the king- content:

No matter how much it has been mentioned previously, content always remains the king in SEO practices. Search engines have already made it clear that creating quality content is the best-proven way to not just get rank for the keywords but also for creating such positive user experience. It can further work a long way to ensure that you are educating consumers well. It will help you to be in authority in a niche, which can often lead to a sales boost. So, it is clear that content is well-connected with SEO rankings. Therefore, online retailers are now hiring content agencies and their writers to create catchy, meaningful and attractive content, to say the least.

Next is the backlinks:

If you think content to be the king of SEO ranking, backlinks will be your queen then. But, people have a basic misconception with content back-linking. Always remember that it is not quite about those sites, stuffed with links. But, it is about those websites with few yet quality links, pointing right back to the online site.

  • You can create backlinks by submitting bi-monthly or monthly press releases on any interesting company or PR online directories.
  • You can further take the step up a notch and contact popular bloggers or blog sites within your genre to see how you can work together for procuring a perfect backlink for your site.
  • Your company needs to work a bit harder for creating best possible product site so that people will be talking about your items, which you want to sell and they will link back to your online site too.
  • To top it all, you can create some graphics or any newsworthy content. These kinds of write-ups are perfect for influencing bloggers and some news websites for linking that content.

Time to address social media and its magic:

Since the inception of social media, Google’s algorithms have changed drastically and within a short span of time. Most of the content websites nowadays are community oriented. Some online sites are giving users the entire control to vote for their best stories online, to make the front page. Then you have some video-based sites, which facto views and even user ratings into consideration to mark their front page rankings.

So, it is not hard to state that e-commerce stores might have established stronger social media presence on some of the noteworthy social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what not! These famous social media sites are now sending search engines some signals of authority and influence.

Next stop is the product images:

You have to think twice if you ever think that product images do not play any significant role. When consumers are searching for products or services online, they are not actually going through the web results for information but quite attracted towards the image results, as a human nature. Being human, people are more attracted towards colorful images rather than boring long informative write-ups only. Yes, they check content, but if your content has accurate images to it, then high chances of you bagging the high ranks.

If your content or online site has quality images of your products and the file names have relevant keywords in them, these images will shine high up in search engines. This avenue, on the other hand, will drive enough traffic towards your site. Potential clients or customers will click on the selected image to learn more about your store.

So, these six major components make up the best SEO strategy, completely designed for online retailers. Following the norms will help you find the golden ticket towards fame shortly.

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