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Pinterest boasts a dynamic user base of 175 million; a continuous rise in numbers since its launch in 2007. Those same active Pinterest-ers created the 75 billion pins currently in circulation.

Fostering a space where users can discover who they wish to be, Pinterest holds a distinct market position in the social media universe while the ‘big three,’ Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, act as a playground for users to share their current status. Can you say, #vacay?

The ease with which we can edit and share curated vignettes on Instagram leaves Pinterest overlooked in the social media galaxy. Distinct from the ‘big three,’ Pinterest provides brands with a platform to sell one message to users: “this brand will transform you into the ultimate version of yourself”.

Aside from its innate ability to spark creativity and inspiration, there’s a secret world buried under layers of DIY projects and gluten-free dessert recipes. Pinterest is the perfect tool to pair with your SEO efforts to drive website traffic and expand your brand’s reach in a way other social platforms can’t.

With this visual platform primed for engaging your target market, the potential for brand exposure and increased traffic is worth every second you’ll spend learning basic SEO and Pinterest strategies.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, but in order for users to pin your content, you must first make your content discoverable by implementing basic SEO practices.

Remember, your audience can’t pin it if they can’t find it.

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Since we’ve explored the benefits Pinterest can offer savvy marketers, we ask, “How do I boost my website traffic with SEO + Pinterest?”

Pinterest is a gold mine of SEO potential when optimized. We’ve married SEO best practices with Pinterest social strategy to bring you quick wins on making your pins and boards discoverable.

Categorized into ‘fronts’, search engine optimization for Pinterest takes two paths:

  • A pin ranking within Pinterest (what pins appear at the top of the Pinterest feed)

  • Boards ranking on search engines

Pinterest gold = keyword rich descriptions + quality content + optimization

To strike Pinterest gold on both SEO “fronts,” the core of our strategy needs to focus on writing keyword rich descriptions, increasing followers to build our brand presence, and identifying less served niches to maximize content and its ranking.

Let’s walk through a few tips for making your content discoverable on Pinterest:

1. Make sure your profile is visible in search engine results by adjusting search privacy under Account Basics.

2. Pinpoint your key search term.

  • Keyword research: what’s the primary keyword your audience is searching to find your topic?

3. When creating your boards and titles, name them using the search term or the key phrase you want people searching. Look through the lens a user does. You’re searching for cocktail recipes for your dinner party on Thursday. What key terms would be used in your search?

4. Make your URL keyword heavy.

5. Rich Pins– To help your pins rank better in search engines, infuse your pins with rich detail that educates your audience while flagging search engines that your pin is knowledgeable on the topic at hand.

There are four types of rich pins:

6. How to use hashtags on Pinterest: you don’t!

  • Despite hashtags serving as a vessel for discovering content and trends on Instagram and Twitter, using them on Pinterest is a big no-no. They don’t allow you to track what’s trending so kick hashtags to the curb for Pinterest strategy.

7. Pin quality, vertical images

  • Long pins attract attention on Pinterest.
  • Ideal image size: 736 x 1104-2061

8. Install Pin buttons on your website

9. Keep your best boards/content ‘above the fold’.

  • Pro tip: Positioning content ‘above the fold’ is a best practice for the web. Don’t make your audience hunt for it.

10. Verify your Pinterest account

  • A verified Pinterest account unlocks access to valuable audience analytics and your pin’s performance stats.
  • Pro tip: it’s easier to verify a business account. Keep this in mind as you craft your Pinterest strategy.

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