3 Ways to Use SEO and Pinterest To Grow Your Blog or eBusiness


Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest and SEO for business

Guest post by Kristina Holmes

If you manage a niche blog or an eBusiness, you probably already know about the importance of developing and implementing a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign that includes targeted keyword research and link building.

1) Keyword Targeting on Your Site

Keyword targeting involves compiling a list of targeted words and phrases pertaining to your niche that users are searching for on the Internet. You want to determine keywords that receive a large number of searches but face relatively low levels of competition (SEO tools help in determining this). Subtly incorporating these keywords throughout your website without disrupting the natural flow of the reading content will allow you to rank higher in search engines, which can increase the level of organic traffic to your website.

2) Link Building via Guest Blogging

Link building is the process of getting links to your own website on external sites. Link building really is an art that involves patience and cooperation. Let me provide a brief illustration of how link building works in practice using guest posting as a link-building strategy.

Let’s say you manage an eBusiness geared toward selling creative pieces of jewelry you designed and crafted yourself. You can research blogs that are performing well and involved in the same general niche as you. Arts and crafts blogs, for example, would be relevant in this case. You can contact the webmasters of these blogs and ask if you can submit guest posts. Many blogs include a guest post submission page that outlines exactly what their policies are for such posts.

If you are allowed to submit a guest post, webmasters will typically allow you to write an informative, useful and engaging piece that can feature at least one link back to your website. It is fairly common for this link to be placed in the author byline portion of the post. A strong link building campaign, including guest posting, will allow your website to rank higher in search engines (see here for several ways to find guest posting opportunities).

3) Pinterest Marketing for Your Business

In order to really fire on all cylinders and attract a global audience to your blog, you must tap into social media for marketing and promotional purposes.

One networking site to consider using is Pinterest, the hottest website on the Internet today. Pinterest is the fastest growing website of all time, according to Fortune magazine.

So, what exactly is Pinterest? It is a virtual photo-sharing community that allows users to create their own digital pinboards that can be organized by various categories. Examples of pinboards may include beauty, fashion and health, for example. Users can then “pin” relevant images to their boards on their own or “re-pin” images from other users’ boards. Pinterest really has created a virtual community atmosphere since it allows “pinners” to connect with and follow other users. The most common image themes on Pinterest today include beauty, fashion, foods, health, fitness, home decor, arts and crafts, do-it-yourself projects and inspirational items.

Why should you target Pinterest for marketing and promotional purposes? According to some studies, Pinterest-derived traffic leads to sales at a greater rate than does Facebook or Twitter-derived traffic. So, how can you tap into this extraordinarily popular networking tool? Let’s take a look.

Really Consider Your Niche

Does any component of your blog or eBusiness appeal heavily to women? This is an important question to consider because 80 percent of Pinterest users are currently female. Do you manage a blog that offers fashion tips and ideas? Do you run an eBusiness that provides home decor services? If so, you can really tap into Pinterest for marketing and promotional purposes. You can start by creating a profile for your brand. Down the road, you may want to hire a digital graphics designer who can create eye-catching pins for you that you can place on your own pinboards. Keep in mind that you can even create video or text pins. A video featuring a satisfied customer using one of your products could make for an excellent pin. You could even convert a positive customer testimonial into a creative text pin.

Follow Relevant Users on Pinterest

The next step is to follow relevant users who are interested in the niche you’ve targeted with your blog or eBusiness. If you run an eBusiness that sells fitness products, for example, you will want to follow users who are interested in and passionate about health and fitness. These are the users you want visiting your website because there is a greater chance you can make a sale.

Add the “Pin-It” button

Once your blog or eBusiness develops a strong presence on Pinterest, you should add a “Pin-It” button to your website, which can be done very easily especially if you have a WordPress site. This enables Pinterest users who visit your site to easily pin images back to their boards. The “Pin-It” button is so nifty because it works for itself in no time at all. The button will also help your images get re-pinned more often. Re-pins are very similar to link building discussed earlier. The “Pin-It” button is a tool that will get your brand out there as much as possible on Pinterest, which means more traffic to your website.

Curate Relevant Articles, Images or Video for Your Niche (and sprinkle in your own content)

Become a resource in your niche by pinning relevant and helpful articles, video or pictures to your Pinterest boards. This will attract and retain followers. In addition, you can occasionally pin your own content to bring users back to your website. It’s a win-win.

Take Your Business to New Heights

With a focus on SEO (keywords and link-building) and Social Media Marketing (via Pinterest, in this case), you can take your blog or eBusiness to new heights. What other marketing techniques are you using to boost your business?


Guest Author: Kristina Holmes is an avid Pinterest user, SEO consultant for The College City. Kristina has run several highly successful SEO campaigns and understands how blogs and eBusinesses have started tapping into Pinterest for marketing and promotional purposes.

Tom Treanor is the founder of the Right Mix Marketing blog. He’s the author of the Search Engine Boot Camp, the co-author of Online Business Productivity, and regularly speaks at industry and corporate events. His writing has been featured on the Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner, Copyblogger and other leading industry blogs.


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    1. For a e business website that is product oriented, pinterest is a great way to strike the connection. But, I too have the tint of doubt when it comes to service based industries like mine which is a mobile application development company. How could one possibly encash on pinterest in such cases. More insight is necessary when it comes to framing strategies to pinterest.

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  3. I am using Pinterest for some of our customers, too – not hardcore with viral marketing campaigns or instructographics. But I can see the success yet with very little effort. And the timing is very important as well on Pinterest.

  4. Hi Kristina,
    I just signed up for Pinterest about a week ago, and have also heard that this is a kind of “no-brainer” when promoting things particularly of use or of interest to women. My husband and I were at a BBQ a few weeks ago, and a couple of the women there were talking about Pinterest and how they had been finding recipes, etc. They were totally enamoured of it – so I signed up. I need to figure out the “pin it” button – I’m guessing that there is a tool at Pinterest about this. I’m sure I’ll figure it out once I get my feet wet a bit more. I haven’t “followed” anyone yet, but I guess that’s next! 🙂 Thank you for the advice!
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  6. Very helpful to guest blogging and pinterest! I’m pleased to read this total post at all. Really i was looking forward to read about it. Thanks for this allocation. 😆

  7. I think after Linked In Pinterest is growing faster than anything. for the last one year I can see it’s huge growing. some days ago I read somewhere that Pinterest is competing with Yahoo news. Now pinterest is a great place for business or product whether it is small business.

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