How Do Press Releases Boost SEO Rankings in 2019?

SEO And Press Release

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How Do Press Releases Boost SEO Rankings in 2019?

Can press release increase SEO rankings in 2019?

Press releases are tied up with search engine optimization in the earlier days. Do you think it is still useful to increase SEO ranking in 2019? Sadly, a lot of marketers aren’t aware of how they can optimize their content well that they end up getting kicked out of the search results.

There are ways to avoid these issues. In this post, we’ll show you how you can optimize it so you can reap most of the benefits in your content marketing.

Press Releases

A release is a piece of content written by businesses to announce and distribute their story to the press. If a company has an exciting news to share with, they can just write it to get the media attention. It is a very effective and fast way to spread the news among the target audience.

While we already know that it is the best way to reach the media and have them cover your story, not all stories are worthy to be covered. Reporters receive a lot of press release distribution. This is why it becomes challenging for reporters to filter out only newsworthy and relevant content. If you want to stand out and get your story picked, you need to deliver an interesting and accurate news.

Let’s Discuss How Press Releases can Help with your SEO?

Once your story gets published on major websites, your brand would gain ample of benefits that you can’t ever imagine. One of this is the SEO benefit.

In the previous years, releases were used by businesses to score high on the search results. They found that each time they issue a release, they earn backlinks. Links were used as a metric in measuring relevance.

And so, they controlled the text of the links to gain highly relevant links. Google discovered this manipulation. It began penalizing sites that played with links.

Today, each time a business issue a release, it should have “nofollow” links. It means that those links have no value for SEO. If they found that a site doesn’t follow this, they would penalize them by removing them on the search results.

But now, the only way to get on top of the search results is to write high-quality content. When you write newsworthy content, you gain backlinks from reputable sites.

This is how your content can still land on top of the search engines. If done right, your release can help you gain natural links that will not penalize you on the search engines. And rather, score you high on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Are releases still good for SEO in 2019?

This is a common question among publishers and marketers since we are only a few days before 2018 ends. Are press release still relevant for SEO?

Yes, it is still the best method to publish news and expose your brand out. It can help you get quality backlinks and initiate social media interactions including likes, shares, and comments.

In 2009, it became less popular due to two main reasons:

  • A lot of businesses used it for spamming, which websites like weed out. Releases weren’t effective anymore for SEO.
  • It is no longer a useful strategy because of the penalties. Strategies like including quality niche edits are much more cogent.

In 2019, releases will still be effective if businesses are going to concentrate enhancing their content marketing strategies including their products and services and sites. They should also focus on creating high-quality releases that will catch the media’s attention instead of link building.

Proper Media Targeting

You don’t have to reach out to a lot of reporters. Concentrate on one reporter in a relevant publication. Your chance to get publicity is higher if you concentrate on targeted media.

For instance, if you’re writing a story about the new model of your laptop brand, reach out to technology reporters. If you have an event coming up about farming, pitch to reporters who report on agriculture.

Make Sure You Meet The Search Engine Criteria

In SEO, it’s very important that your site has the proper headings, image text, headline, and keywords. SEO also means that your site is visible to the search engine’s spider bots. Keyword stuffing is a big no-no if you want to score high on the search results.

If you want to be on top of the search results, you need to know that SEO experts are monitoring your site. This is to make sure that it is visible when Google index your site pages.

Mind The Competition

Keywords are search terms and phrases that people use to type when searching online. When a word is often used, it is more competitive. Keywords are important in SEO.

Sites that are new should build trust with the search engine bots by concentrating on optimized content rather than focusing on using highly competitive terms. Using less competitive terms can help you rank higher on the search results.

Write High-Quality Content

Writing high-quality release is one proven way to improve your SEO. Google only wants to deliver relevant and fresh content to the users. It considers several factors to measure quality index: originality, timeliness, and length.

Google avoids poor sites by tracking the length of their post. The average top 10 page on search results has more than 2, 000 words. The search index considers sites with longer posts more credible than those that create short posts.

Any SEO content must be 300 words and above to rank high on the SERPs. Longer posts of between 1, 000 and 3, 000 words are labeled more authority than others in its niche.

When it comes to originality, Google rewards original content and penalizes copy-pasted plagiarized and redundant content. Search engine bots can index an entire site in seconds and also check for duplication on other pages and sites. Be careful when publishing content on your site because as mentioned duplication can get you penalized.

Get High-Quality External Links

When you write good content, sites will link back to you. It’s a natural way of earning backlinks. Earning links from trusted and authority sites can boost your ranking on the search results.

When writing releases, always aim to write a newsworthy, relevant and interesting story. Produce content that people would be interested to read and share with their followers.

It’s a Matter of Age

Google is very critical in the age factor of sites. Domains that are less than 6 months are labeled “new.” Google define age on how long your site has been live on the web.

For example, if your URL is existing for 10 years but you just went live 5 months ago, then it is a new site. Google treat older sites as trusted sites.

It believes that these sites are keen on producing newsworthy and relevant content rather than unverified information. Right after the six-month mark, sites usually improve in search rankings gradually.

Clean domain

Your site should be user-friendly and professional at all times. If you were caught cheating on the search engines, you already have a record. It can harm your reputation as a domain.

To be a clean domain, you need to have a clean record. If you were caught earlier for fake backlinks or keyword stuffing, your chance to rank can get affected. Both keywords stuffing and buying fraudulent links can damage your search index rating or get you kicked on SERPs.

Post Content on A Regular Basis

If you want to rank high on SERPs, you need to ensure that you publish content regularly on your site. If you don’t update your site with new releases, spider bots will get tired of your site.

Produce a regular stream of fresh releases regularly. Ideally, if you publish content at least two to three times weekly, it will be crawled and indexed.

These are 8 ways how you can still use releases for SEO in the upcoming year. Basically, it’s how SEO is going to work on your releases.

You have to know that although you have produced well-written content and followed all these tips, it may take some time before you earn Google’s trust. The average Top10 ranking page is two years old and more. According to recent research, Sites that rank on the number one spot are three years old on an average.

The key to rank on top of the search engines is to create a well thought SEO plan, write optimized releases and build an authority site. These should boost your ranking higher.

When you already earned Google’s trust, you will be rewarded. It will consider your platform a trusted site and a go-to-page for the kind of industry you belong.

And consider geographic targeting. It ensures that a well thought SEO plan can bring you on top of the searches.

If you make important planning for your SEO, you can boost your sales and widen your reach. SEO starts with keyword research and planning, producing and distributing content, setting goals and monitoring your metrics. Take it one step at a time to see results the results you always want.