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Do You Know Where Your Pages Rank in Google?

Google Keyword RankI know my SEO. In fact, I wrote a book about it (The SEO Boot Camp). I don’t use SEO exclusively to get traffic to my sites, but it’s one of several components of my marketing mix.

Anyway, this story isn’t about me, it’s about a nice surprise that I was able to provide to the attendees of my SEO for WordPress workshop this week.

Did You Know You Rank in Google?

I ran an inexpensive SEO for WordPress workshop as a test (it’s actually for all SEO newbies whether you’re on WordPress or not). How can I provide a ton of value to a large set of people all at the same time and not have to waste time selling anything during that session? It (and its cousin, the Blog Writing Workshop) went really, really well. I’ll have more workshops in the future so sign up here to learn about upcoming workshops and courses.

SEO Tools to the rescue

I use quite a few SEO tools and as part of this workshop, I decided to give all the attendees a little treat. I would run a full ranking report from SEM Rush (where I’m a customer and affiliate) for the website of their choice.

Here’s the cool part that I forget about. If you’ve never seen what keywords you rank for, it can be very, very eye-opening! Did you know that you’re on Page 1 for a nationally competitive keyword? Did you know why those people kept coming to your site? Did you know which pages they come to??

Try it for yourself – what do you rank for?

Try it for yourself! Go to this page and put in your website. See what you rank for. For free, they’ll give you a report and show you how many terms you rank for and they’ll give you details on the first few (you can buy a one-month subscription if you want to see the full set). If your keyword ranking is 1-10 then you’re on Page 1 of Google. If you’re 11+ then you’re on the later pages. Of course, Page 1 (or position 1) for popular terms is the Holy Grail of SEO. Are you ranking #1 for anything?? It’s very possible.

Here’s a picture of what the report looks like:

SEM rush keyword report

Here’s a video to show you a little more about it:

Who’s Linking to You?

Okay, now guess what. You can find out who links to your site at the same time. Just click on the bottom left on the Backlinks report and it will show you who has linked to your site. By the way, links from other sites are great for SEO, so each link is a good thing.

SEM Rush Backlink report

Okay, so what’s the goal?

Well, if you know which terms you rank for in Google (especially page 1), then you know why people are coming to your site and you can optimize the pages that they land on to help them better find what they need. You can also do more of the same. Write similar content about other, related keywords so you can rank for even more similar terms. You can also find the terms that you’re on Page 2 for and see if you can get to Page 1. By the way, you can run this on your competitors’ sites as well. What are they ranking for?

Okay, did you run your free report?

Run your report on SEM Rush. Let me know in the comments what terms you rank on Google for in the comments. Also, did you find people were linking to your site? Let me know!

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Ryan Hanley


SEM RUSH is GREAT tool… What makes me sad though is because of the all Insurance blogging I did on my website before I switched over to strictly marketing stuff I still rank for terms like “When Do I Drop Collision Coverage”

haha… It’s actually kind of fun to me for some reason. I write all these articles on Social Media and Blogging and whatever and people find me on Google for “The proper way to set up a Professional Liability policy”

Have a good weekend.

Ryan H.


Ryan, that is funny and yes, our old posts can come back to haunt us in a sense by ranking for less important or low priority keywords! I always think the odd things that we rank for are interesting too. For example I rank for “easy button online” and “gleaned from” and actually get some traffic from these searches.


you wrote that book? man good job, i picked it up a while back and learned alot 🙂 its what got me started on SEO. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!! I was able to master seo thanks to this guy. i actually do it for a living now lol check it out..

Hey, great post to. alot of detail that will be able to help alot of people.


So how does this compare to the seo powersuite and seomoz pro tools?


Mike, It’s been awhile since I did a review of all the SEO tools (I used to subscribe to SEOMoz tools). I was in a Twitter chat with Rand Fishkin the other day and he pretty much confirmed that SEOMoz doesn’t have the capability to quickly show you what you’re ranking for like SEM Rush does. Most tools require you to put what you want to rank for and track those. He mentioned a couple of other tools but one was gone and the other didn’t seem as good as SEM Rush. For this particular function I think it’s unique.… Read more »

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