AI Is Going To Significantly Affect SEO – Here’s How To Prepare For It


Artificial intelligence is shaping up to be the catalyst for the next big technological leap. It’s going to change the way we live our lives, and it’s also going to change the ways that we conduct business. The realm of search engine optimization is not an exception to this.

The reason why you need to know how AI is going to affect your industry is so that you’re able to determine how best to prepare for it. This is crucial, because if you don’t, you’re either missing out on an opportunity or you’re allowing your competitors to get ahead of you. It’s also for this reason that companies like AI Data Innovations are trying to develop ways to integrate AI into data processing. So, with this in mind, how exactly is AI going to change SEO, and how can you prepare for it?

User Intent And Voice Search

We all know that Google puts a heavy emphasis on content relevance. The value your content holds is going to be much more important, considering the fact that an AI-powered search engine is going to be capable of determining user intent. This is even more important based on how popular smart assistants are quickly becoming the norm. This means that searches will no longer be keyword-based, but rather, they are going to be made in a more conversational tone, so, if black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing were bad before, they’re pretty much useless now.

How Can SEO Companies Adjust For This, Then?

As previously mentioned, artificial intelligence will be able to determine user intent, whether that user’s intention is to acquire information, make a purchase, or find a particular website. With this in mind, there is going to be a shift in how content is created.

One of the biggest changes is that the search algorithm will no longer create unique SERPs for semantically similar terms. This means that it’s going to be possible to rank for a wide variety of long-tail keywords. Because of this, you can now gear your content toward explaining a particular concept in depth in a tone that is as natural as you can make it. This, however, does not necessarily mean that long-form content is going to become the favored staple.

Content length is not going to be the primary basis for how a page is ranked, but rather, relevance, or searcher task accomplishment (whether or not a searcher’s question was answered or if a searcher was able to find what they were planning on purchasing).

A good way to achieve this is to place the most important information at the beginning of your article so that when someone lands on your page, they find what they’re looking for. Make your points stand out from your content, and be sure to format it in such a way that the points you want to emphasize are clear and concise.

The advent of artificial intelligence is coming. For all we know, it may even already be here. It’s bound to disrupt every industry, and it’s even going to change the way we live. To some, change is uncomfortable, to others, change is an opportunity. The thing that determines how you’re going to be affected by change is your level of preparedness for it.

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