9 Tips on Etiquette of an Email Introduction

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They say a company’s network is their net worth. Connect with more people and they’ll find their way to more opportunities for sales, more job openings, and even more connections. Typically, emails are now the traditional means of communication and are the most common way to introduce two people. This is an easy process, however; so many email introductions are not done correctly.

When a company wants to fill a position on their staff, they can reach out to others in their field. Chances are this company has, at least, one quality resume on file that shows some valuable and unique attributes. All it takes is an email introduction between both parties to get the ball rolling. This introduction is actually considered a recommendation, although a soft one, so it’s important that the entire process runs smoothly and professionally.

The goal should be for both people to benefit from being introduced. They should be grateful that the introduction was made, happy they met, and grateful to the person that made it possible. The introduction should benefit both parties and not just one.

Most email introductions are done without much thought and too quickly. By doing it the right way, it helps the two people create a value between them. If it’s not done correctly, it doesn’t look good for the person making the effort. And it’s a possibility that all parties can become alienated.

That being said, it’s surprising how often these introduction emails lack any etiquette and proper follow up. When this occurs, it’s guaranteed that no more introductions will be forthcoming. Here are nine tips for introducing two people through an email which will assure that future introduction requests will also be accepted.

1. This may be an extra step, but it’s best to contact the two people separately and have them agree to an introduction. This is referred to as a double opt-in which will result in a much higher quality of presentation. This is also used in email marketing when adhering to an opt-in and permission-based only policy.

Take some time to give this introduction some careful thought. Consider why they should meet and how each one will benefit. Then put this in the first email to each party. By using this method, there will be a yes or no answer for the introduction. Once they’ve both said yes, send the email to both people. All of the information is saved in the thread, so they both know what’s happening.

2. In the “To” field use the names of both people. In the Subject line put the names of both of the people to be introduced. It will then be easier for the recipients to pick up on it from their Inbox.

3. Then, in the message, present the first person to the second one. It needs to be made clear as to why the introduction is being done. Let him/her know the reason they should meet. Next, give a summary of each one and how they are known to the one making the introduction. It’s easier to help these two if the information provided is complete.

Follow these two steps when writing the information above:

  • First Paragraph: Most times, it’s more important for one person to meet the other so address the first section to that person. Summarize why it would benefit them to meet the other. Introduce the second person and state who they are and why it would be a good idea to meet them.
  • Second paragraph: This is addressed to the second person and should be like the first paragraph. The next sentence is to introduce them to person one and a bit about him/her. Then, in short, tell them why they should meet person number one.

Make sure the location of each person is made clear. It can save a lot of communication time if they each know where the other is located. If one is on the east coast and the other is in Hawaii, they both need to know this information.

Make it very clear why the two should meet otherwise a meeting may not take place.

4. Once the introduction is made, it’s important for the two people to respond quickly. It took time for the individual to make the presentation, so the next step needs to be agreed on between the two as promptly as possible. If one is requesting a meeting, get back to them immediately to set it up.

5. After the introduction, the person that made the introduction can now be moved to BCC. It allows them to see the first emails that were replied to which ensures that the process was completed. They don’t need to see every email past that first ones, and there’s no reason to add to their inbox. After the second email, they should automatically be removed from the chain.

6. If there’s any further information, that may save time for the persons being introduced, mention it briefly in the email and attach a file. It could be a resume, report, or any other info that may be of use in the meeting.

7. If a meeting has been set, it’s important to accommodate the person who agreed allow the introduction. Don’t tell them when the date and time are right but find out what is best for them. Then work to fit it into the schedule.

8. A paramount part of writing an email such as this is to check the spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and correct spacing.

9. As soon as the introduction has been made, the person requesting it will no longer just be representing himself. He’s also representing the one who made it possible. Be well prepared and on time for the follow-up meeting or call. This keeps one on good terms with everyone involved.

When you’ve made an introduction that will be beneficial to the two people, it’s a fantastic feeling. However, this process is far more of a challenge than before especially in such a fast-moving world. We all have contacts, friends, and followers that would benefit from an introduction to someone. It could be that they could receive an offer of a job, further their career, raise money, hire staff, bring in more business, and much more.

There really is an art to making introductions through an email and that’s why it’s so important to follow the tips shown above. There aren’t many things as pleasing as being the facilitator for enhancing someone’s world simply by taking a little time to connect a good person to a great opportunity.

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