8 Ways to Prospect More Effectively (Infographic)

Prospecting is a fundamental step that salespeople have to execute effectively in order to achieve better results. Defined as the process of qualifying leads who have demonstrated the desire to make a purchase decision, prospecting plays a crucial role in influencing client’s decision. This is the reason why it is important for salespeople to get their approach and tactics right before their competitors get it.

While most salespeople are already oriented about this particular task, not all are good at producing favorable results. This is primarily because they are not following the basics, and right discipline it takes to prospect more effectively.

In this situation, it is always a good thing to reassess the overall prospecting strategy and assess if your sales team are still on it. If they are updated with the latest tools and techniques it can improve their prospecting skills.

Here is an infographic which will teach all the sales professionals some tips and tricks for a more effective sales prospecting. Below are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1. Establish and follow a consistent schedule.
2. Avoid doing non-essential activities during your prospecting “day”.
3. Use and measure the effectiveness of various prospecting techniques.
4. Develop a prospecting script for each method you will use.
5. Start with product or service that truly delivers great value to your prospects.
6. Engage with your prospects first before you call or send them an email.
7. Position yourself as a thought leader.
8. Know that prospecting is not selling.

To find out more, check out the infographic below.

8 Ways to Prospect More Effectively (Infographic)

Featured & Infographic image credit: Businesscoachessydney.com.au

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