5 Ways to Design a Perfect Quiz to Drive More Sales

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Marketers are always on the hunt to find hacks that crank up the lead generation and conversion rates for their offerings. They have always trusted blog articles to kindle curiosity and brand awareness among the target audience.

But there is another type of content that has much more potential than blog articles in generating and even converting substantial leads- Quiz. An average quiz has a staggering lead capture rate of nearly 32%, and still quizzes are underutilized.

The best part about quizzes is that they are interactive form of content, which means that they have tremendous potential of going viral on the internet. And they often do!

Let’s discuss the ways in which you can utilize a simple quiz maker tool to create the perfect quiz that drives more sales.

1. Quickly Grab Attention With a Great Title

73% of the buying decision is made by just reading the headline itself – Ted Nicholas. So a catchy, attention grabbing and relevant headline is the most critical thing in your quiz. If your aim is to drive more sales and conversions, heavily focus on creating the ultimate headline for your quiz.

Besides, most of the hits on any quiz come from social media sharing. Your chances of getting substantial clicks, and consequentially sales, drastically reduce if your quiz’s name doesn’t stand out in the crowd.

Titles like “Which (blank) are You?” or “What’s your (blank) personality” are the classic quiz title types that often go viral. If you are regular on Facebook, Buzzfeed or Zimio, you already might have taken such quizzes.

Moreover, some small words like “actually” or “really” improve the click through rates of your quizzes exponentially. For example, compare the titles “How Much Do You Know About F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” and “How Much Do You Actually Know About F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”. Which one do you think would get more likes? Of course, the latter one, and the reason is explained in the following section.

2. Resonate With the Psychology of Your Target Audience

The content of your quiz must ring a bell with your target audience. They must be compelled to click on it, answer all questions and share the results with other people. This is the recipe of a viral quiz.

The more hits that your quiz gets, the more chances are of getting converted into sales. The only way you can make your quiz irresistible is by truly understanding your audience and give them what they need.

If you know about marketing, you know that it is all about the psychology of the customer. People make buying decisions based on basic emotions, which are most often primal in nature. Some of the emotions that drive purchase decisions are fear of missing out, envy, love, greed and so on.

Try to capture any of these emotions in your quiz’s content and especially the results. When the customers feel connected with the quiz, they’ll automatically share it with other people.

For example, Buzzfeed’s famous quiz “What City Should You Live In?” has more than 21 Million views! The reason is straight-forward; the title pokes the hidden desires of every person to live in their dream city. The questions are simple and personality based. And the results are detailed and resonate with the aspirations of the quiz-taker.

Buzzfeed knows how to strike a chord with the psychology of their readers very well. You should learn it too.

3. Choose The Most Suitable Quiz Type

If we look from the perspective of quiz results, there can be two types of quizzes. In the first type, the result is one out of several possible results. For example, “What City Should You Live In” has results like Paris, New York etc. These are often personality-based quizzes.

The other type provides a score or a grade based on the correct answers. These are mostly quizzes that ask “How Well Do You Know About (Blank)”.

Both types of quizzes work well, but you should know what works best for you. Let’s say your aim is to give personalized product recommendations to your target audience. In this case, a personality quiz would work well.

You can ask certain questions that characterize specific personality traits and then generate results that go well with your product recommendations.

4. Keep Everything Precise

The attention span of an average user on the Internet is less than 3 seconds and is decreasing further. It makes perfect sense to be as brief and on-point as possible. This brevity shall reflect in your title, questions, results and even your lead capture form.

Keep the number of questions at a minimum. Also, make the answer choices short but interesting and use a tone that is friendly and fun. For example if your question is – “How do you relax at home”, then the answer choices could be- “Binge Watching Netflix”, “Dancing On My Favorite Track”, “Snuggling With My Better Half” etc.

The bottom line is that users shall remain engaged with you till the end. Try to use graphics, pictures, and GIFs to make your content even more interesting and catchy.

Your quiz must have a lead capture form in the end to generate leads for you. Ensure that the lead capture form is not intimidating and asks a plethora of unnecessary information. This will deter users from filling up their details.

Simply ask for the first name, last name and e-mail address, that’s it. To generate even more conversions, incentivize your lead capture form by providing a free e-book or any other useful item.

5. Don’t Stop The Momentum

The key to drive more sales from your quizzes is to keep in regular touch with your users beyond the quiz results. This can be easily achieved by coupling the leads generated from quiz with your marketing automation emails.

Your first email shall be a “thank-you for taking the quiz” email. Follow it up with engaging emails that introduce your potential customer to your brand, products, services and team. It’s not recommended to stuff a lot of information in your emails; just keep it precise and useful.

The best part is that you actually know the personality and mindset of your leads, thanks to the quiz that they took. This helps you in sending personalized product recommendations to them, thus increasing the chances of converting into a paying customer.

You can also hook up your leads with another relevant quizzes that you have, so that they get even more acquainted with your brand.


Quizzes are super-effective in not just grabbing more eyeballs, but in converting more users into paying customers. They must be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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