What is LinkedIn? [infographic]

LinkedIn is a the largest professional networking site in the world. It has members in over 200 countries and is available in over 14 languages. It’s growing fast, at a clip of to members per second.

Some other key facts about LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn now has over 147 million members now!
  • LinkedIn members are likely to have done approximately 4 billion people searches in 2011
  • There are well over 18 million groups in Linkedin
How Linkedin is used:
  • Control your professional profile online
  • Network with industry colleagues, potential customers and partners
  • Market your company and brand
  • Show thought leadership
  • Find experts or vendors
  • Find job opportunities

(sources: LinkedIn Blog, About LinkedIn)

I recommend you watch to Lewis Howes’ video on LinkedIn here to get an understanding of the true impact of LinkedIn. I’m a customer and an affiliate of his.

LinkedIn infographic:

I included this LinkedIn infographic below to give you a flavor for the scale, geographic reach and details about LinkedIn groups.


LinkedIn 100 millions users strong

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