What is Content Marketing? Interview with Joe Pulizzi

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

A lot of businesses these days are asking the question, “What exactly is Content Marketing?” and “How can it help my small or medium business?”.

In order to answer these questions, I talked to one of the world’s leading experts on Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi. He’s the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, which is the driving force behind the Content Marketing World yearly event and Chief Content Officer magazine.

Enjoy this short video to hear Joe’s answer:

I hope you got a lot out of the interview! Here are some of the key points summarized below:

Problem: Traditional Advertising

  • Traditional advertising doesn’t work like it used to
  • We’re bombarded with thousands of messages each day
  • People don’t appreciate being interrupted

Solution: Content Marketing

  • Understand and address your customers’ pain points
  • Develop a unique story for your company
  • Get noticed and drive new business via compelling content
  • Think like a publisher to produce content regularly

Key Steps To Get Started:

1) Develop a compelling story

  • For your niche, what can you be the world’s leading expert in?
  • What makes our company interesting?
  • What are the main pain points of your customers?

2) Develop your company’s content marketing strategy

  • What types of content will you create?
  • Where will you house that content and how will you distribute it?
  • How will that turn your audience into leads for your business?

3) Put the supporting tools in place

  • Your blog is one tool that can be the center of your content marketing strategy
  • Set up other essential online outposts (e.g. YouTube Channel, Facebook Business Page)
  • Begin to connect and engage with customer groups and other industry players in social media

4) Get started and learn

  • Take baby steps, start to exercise this new muscle
  • Develop content to address basic customer questions
  • Practice and learn what works and what doesn’t – listen to your customers
  • Start to develop your own unique story

If you want to learn more about Joe and Content Marketing, go to the Content Marketing Institute!

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