Top 10 Online Marketplaces to Get Cool Business Cards

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Top 10 Online Marketplaces to Get Cool Business Cards
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If you are a freelancer or just started your own business, it’s essential for you to look appealing and relevant to the maximum prospects. It is also vital to figure out how your brand will look alike. Branding consists of various elements such as the company logo, website, and of course, the product itself. When you create a brand identity, your offline presence is as significant as your online one. The first impression matters a lot in the business arena to attract new prospects successfully. Your marketing strategies must be exciting and innovative. It should clearly express the essence of your business.

Although most of our interactions are done digitally today, there is one thing that cannot be replaced in this digital era, and that is the physical, interpersonal interactions. As per the latest statistics, every day 27 billion cards get printed in the U.S. Compared to the paid online ads, email campaigns, and SEO strategies, business cards are still considered to be the most effective marketing tool. It is true especially when you are attending any networking event like industry summits, conferences, etc. As a professional or business owner, you can pitch your products or services wherever you want. You can hand out your business cards, along with a firm handshake with your new potential client.

People using business cards always wish to see their business card more appealing than their competitors. But for that, their business cards need to be well-designed. A budget has always been a constraint for small entrepreneurs. Not all business can hire a professional business card maker to get their card designed and printed. But don’t worry! There is a shine of hope. There are a lot of free online resources that allow you to create business cards on your own. Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 online marketplaces to get cool business cards:

1. Canva:

It is one of the most popular graphic design websites for beginners as well as professionals. Though the site is famous for social media graphics, posters, blog graphics, you can also create business cards. The tool offers thousand of free in-build designs. But if you want to use premium images, you need to buy those images. If you have your own graphics, you have the option to upload them and edit them as per your requirement. The best part of using the tool is that it allows you to create the back-side of the card. The design you create will automatically get saved in your Canva account. You can download the files in PNG, JPG, and PDF format. The simplicity and richness of the tool make you visit the website again and again.

2. Designhill:

Designhill is one of the leading design platforms that offer freelance graphic design services to all the professionals and business owners. The marketplace also provides various AI-powered tools to create designs on your own. One of its popular tools is “Business Card Maker.” The tool allows you to make your own business cards within minutes. You can design your card as per your profession and industry. You also have the option to choose fonts, colors, icons, graphics, etc. from its in-built library. The tool is easy to use and does not require any technical know-how. After completing your design, you can download the file in SVG, EPS, PNG, and JPEG file formats.

3. Jukebox:

Are you looking for some exclusive card stock types? If yes, Jukebox is the right place for you. From conventional white paper to recycled options, the company even offers silk, bamboo, wood cards. You also get the option of a large variety of fonts and paper colors; ending up with a card that sets you apart from others. The user-friendly business card creator is packed with pre-built design templates. But if you have your own designs or want to take full control over the design, you can always design your card from scratch.

4. Shopify Free Business Card Maker:

Although Shopify is well-known for selling things online, the platform also offers various tools to help professionals and business owners to sell their products or services. One of its popular tools is “Free Business Card Maker.” This easy-to-use tool simplifies and speeds your creative process by adding only a few details. You merely have to upload the logo of your company and enter details like name, email address, website URL, etc. Within a few seconds, your business card will get generated. You will receive an email along with the download link.

5. Vistaprint:

When it comes to creating online business cards, you probably have heard about VistaPrint, and that for a good reason. The company is well-known for customized printing materials.  It also offers a large variety of unique pre-designed images and templates. Other great features include double-sided printing, matte finishing, matching envelopes, and letterheads, etc. You can upload the logo of your company and other images as well.

6. Crello:

If you don’t like the UI of Canva and is looking for its alternative, then this is an excellent tool for you. You can make changes in your designs as per your requirement. If you are running short on time, you can choose a pre-designed template from its in-built library. Once you are completed with your creativity, you can download the image in PNG, JPEG, and PFD format.

7. PicMonkey:

It is another excellent place to get cool business cards. The brand started its journey with online editing services but today, it has a lot to offer, and that’s why we have listed it in our top 10 list. “Custom Card Maker” is one of its amazing tools that allow you to begin with a blank canvas by choosing from pre-designed templates. You can make changes in the design in the form of colors, graphics, and fonts. The tool also allows you to insert a personalized logo within the design template. You can also design the backside of the card. Once your business card gets generated, you can share the images via Pony Express revival, snail, email or mail.

8. DesignMantic:

DesignMantic business card generator allows you to create cards according to your industry and profession type. By providing the necessary information, your business card will get generated within minutes. You can also make use of the back side of the card. You will get to see all possible designs and styles that you may think of in this tool.

9. Biz Card Maker:

It is another yet simple tool to create high-quality business cards with the option of customization. The tool offers a great design and color options. You can easily modify text and designs. All you need to do is drag the elements and place them according to your requirements by using the dotted borders. After the completion of the design, you can download the image in PDF and JPEG format.

10. Moo:

If you want to create business cards with special finishing, then Moo is the perfect choice for you. The platform allows you to create business cards in three different ways: first by using a blank template, by making a selection from pre-designed templates, or by uploading your own full design. Whichever way you choose, you will get high-quality cards with detailed customization feature.


Now that you know the top marketplaces to get cool business cards, it’s time to start creating it and using it as a direct marketing tool. Have you ever visited these websites? Share your experience in the below comment section.

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