6 Small Business Blogging Myths Debunked

Small Business Blogging Myths

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Small Business Blogging MythsA lot of small businesses are daunted by the idea of writing for their blog (or starting one if they’re not blogging yet). They’re daunted because they think they have to write all the time. Or those who are blogging already feel like they’re not adding any value to their businesses because their traffic stats are low. Others don’t feel like they have any unique ideas so why bother?

Well, let me set your mind at ease by debunking six common blogging myths. This can give you the needed perspective to approach blogging in a more positive way and give your company blog the attention that it deserves!

Myth 1) You have to write all the time

Look. I’ll tell you this straight. The more you write, the better it will be for you. But a couple of important things are worth noting. 1) Quality trumps quantity every time. If you write posts that actually help your potential clients, that are well-written (and error free), and that are attractive (include a picture), you’re much better off than the daily writer of garbage. 2) More is better, but even a few high quality blog posts can add credibility and authority and can motivate people who end up at your site to contact you or to do business with you!

By the way, most people who are going to call or meet with you will check your website in advance. If your website/blog combination leaves a good impression, it’s much more likely that they’ll be inclined to pursue business with you. Lesson: Get some really blog content up there – even if it’s just a few posts!

Myth 2) Traffic is the most important measure of success

Traffic is great. It makes you feel good to be wanted. Comments also help add credibility to a blog and give it a feeling of community. But, the fact is, most small business blogs will have low traffic and few, if any comments! That’s okay!

Business leads and sales are important. If your blog helps you convert the (sometimes few) people that come to your site, whether they met you at a networking event, were referred by someone, or found you by searching online, then it’s helping! Also, if you get a small amount of traffic but it’s the right traffic (and turns into leads), then you’re on the right track! Don’t be focused on traffic. Focus on leads and sales. Is your blog helping with these (or hurting)?

Myth 3) You have to be a great writer

Point 1: Many great writers will not be a good business bloggers. Point 2: You can write a decent blog post event if you don’t know how to write well. How? Follow formulas, focus on solving customer problems, and keep it simple until you get comfortable with your own writing “voice”.

For example, you can use the following formulas without being a trained writer:
– 5 Tips to Saving Money With Your Next __________ Project
– How To ___________
– 5 Reasons You Should _______________
– 6 Myths of ___________________ (look familiar?)

Myth 4) Every post has to be completely unique in the world

One thing that small business owners worry about is coming up with ideas. Yes, I believe unique ideas and creativity are important. But, that’s advanced math. For most small businesses, entrepreneurs or sole proprietors, getting started and getting some content out there is more critical than stressing over uniqueness.

If you decide to write a post but find that someone else has already written about that same topic, should you stop writing it? Well, is this in your same marketplace? Will your customers see that blog post? If it’s not your direct competitor, most likely your customers will never see that other post. And even if it is your direct competitor, come up with some angle to make it slightly different (and better). Then start writing!

Myth 5) Build your blog and people will find it

Starting a blog without promoting it is like buying a car and not putting gas in it. It feels pretty unfulfilling to sit in the driveway dreaming about cruising down Highway 1 with the top down. Same with a blog. It’s just going to sit there unless you do something about it! Tell your customers, put a link to your blog in your email footer, write guest posts for other blogs, send your best blog posts to your mailing list, and promote your posts via social media. Don’t spam people or overdo it (there are some nuances to all this), but you get the point.

Myth 6) Blogging is separate from Social Media or Search Engine Optimization

Some small businesses think that they would like to do a social media campaign or get better SEO for their website but they don’t want to address their blog “issue”. Well, I have news for you. Blogging is an integral part of an effective social media campaign. Sharing the headline and link for your recent, great blog post is the perfect the excuse to get in front of your potential customers on social media and to bring them back to your site to read that blog post (or watch your video).

Regarding SEO, great blog posts that get shared are the best thing you can do for your SEO strategy! Yes, you can optimize your existing pages, but creating new, high quality keyword-targeted blog posts will give you even more bang for the buck. Don’t try to do SEO, Social Media and Blogging in a piecemeal fashion! Really, blogging is integral to any social media or SEO strategy.

Ready to tackle your blog with a new perspective?

Now that we’ve addressed these 6 myths, are you ready to get started working on your company blog? Stop playing around on Facebook and give that “5 Tips” post a shot!

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