Should I Move To WordPress? [infographic]

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In the last couple of days I was at a couple of events where people were asking the question, “should I move my site to self-hosted WordPress?” The blanket answer was, in both cases, “yes!”. Note: We’re discussing self-hosted here (versus hosted on For more about that topic, click here: Self-hosted WordPress.

I had a problem with that answer of “yes” for every situation. Some of the reasons:

  • One of the people is a very popular speaker and I know he has a lot of traffic to his current, non-Wordpress site. I don’t think he realizes that he risks breaking links to his high traffic pages (the URLs and structure will most likely change), losing SEO for those pages and losing traffic
  • In a separate recent client consultation, I recommended that a client not spend the money and time to migrate from her current Joomla site (another CMS) to WordPress. She liked her custom design (and didn’t want to lose it) and she had enough control over her site to do what she wanted using the other CMS. Why set her business back for a couple of months for a less customized site on a different content management system?

These are two simple, real situations where I would either proceed very cautiously (if at all) or not migrate. In most other cases though, self-hosted WordPress is a no-brainer, especially for people who are serious about marketing their small business online.

The Infographic

So, the idea was born. A simple decision tree that could be used by people who are thinking about making the switch. It can also be a useful tool for use when consulting with potential clients (if you do Wordrpess installations). I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome in the comments and feel free to embed it in your site using the Embed code below the infographic!

Should I Move To WordPress? [infographic]

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I hope you enjoyed the infographic and will be embedding it in your site or using it with potential clients.

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