SEO is better than Japanese

SEO training better than Japanese

In the early 90’s, after a less than illustrious post-college career in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles I hopped on a plane to Japan in search of a new job. It was financially touch-and-go for the first 6 months but I soon settled down in the Japanese countryside living in a hundred-year old inn (converted into a school) and teaching English to anyone from 6 year-olds to 80 year-olds.  Since it was the countryside (very little English spoken) and there was a thriving izakaya (Japanese small plates restaurants) and bar scene near the school I picked up Japanese fairly quickly.  After 3 years in Japan I left with solid Japanese language skills.

So what does this have to do with SEO?

Well, in 2000 I ran a search engine business (right during the dot-com bubble period).  After this and throughout the 2000’s, while pursuing a consulting and then a corporate tech career, I continued to work on and improve my SEO skills. If I look back at what I’ve been able to do with Japanese versus what I can do with SEO, I’d have to say, I’m happy I learned SEO.

The argument for Japanese

Thanks to Japanese (at least in part) I landed several interesting jobs, including one with Sony Electronics and one with another Japanese manufacturer where I travelled internationally negotiating major deals with all of the major cellular equipment manufacturers on behalf of this supplier of electronic components.

The argument for SEO

With SEO, it may not have the glamour of international business (it could, I suppose), but here’s what I can do with SEO that I don’t find Japanese can do for me:

  • Gain an “unfair advantage” for my own businesses in Google, the world’s largest search engine and in Bing, the new #2 search engine
  • Help my friends’ and families’ businesses grow significantly with more leads and traffic
  • Allow me to create a business that fits my time and schedule
  • Lets me in on a kind of secret that not everyone understands and that is obfuscated with smoke and mirrors, making it hard to get the real story (even though it doesn’t have to be)

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