3 Unusual Platforms for Promoting Your B2B Company (including “how-to’s”)

3 Unusual Platforms for Promoting Your B2B Company (including “how-to’s”)

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3 Unusual Platforms for Promoting Your B2B Company (including “how-to’s”)

Looking for additional ways to promote your B2B company (or any company for that matter)? Well, you may be using the more obvious social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. But where else should you look to expand awareness of your brand?

1) Flipboard for Marketing

Content curation is a hot topic and can drive awareness of your brand. Creating and growing a Flipboard magazine allows you to influence a news channel that fits perfectly with your audience’s needs.

Learn how to use Flipboard for Marketing here on this post via the Flipboard blog:

Here are some examples of how we’re using Flipboard at my company:

2) Promoting your company via Listly

What type of content do people love? Lists. Well, Listly is a content curation and social platform built all around lists. Here are some companies/people are using Listly:

How to use Listly: http://www.thesocialmediahat.com/article/how-use-listly-blow-your-blog-traffic

3) Pinterest for B2B

Sometimes it’s good to zig when everyone else is zagging. Pinterest is typically considered a more consumer-oriented site but there are plenty of B2B-focused people and companies actively using it.

Here are some examples of companies/people using Pinterest for B2B:

Here’s an article on using it for B2B from Social Media Examiner:

Have you tried these three platforms for the promotion of your B2B company? Let me know in the comments.

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