Networking for Introverts: Resources For Shy Marketers

Networking for Introverts, Marketing For Shy People

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Networking for Introverts, Marketing For Shy PeopleAs an introvert, common business activities like face-to-face networking, going to conferences, public speaking, and even publishing my thoughts online take a little extra effort and often require some mental self-cajoling.  I know there are a lot of people like me.  In fact, many more people online fit into the “lurkers” category than into the “commenters”, “likers” and “sharers” categories.

Below are some incredible resources for introverts or shy marketers who want to get their fair amount of “mind share” for their businesses. Enjoy and let me know your best shy/introverted marketing tips or advice in the comments section below!

12 Most Vital Holiday Networking Tips For Introverts


Lisa Petrilli describes how introverts can have the most successful of holidays. They also provide exceptional opportunities to begin working on your personal advancement goals for the following year through networking.

How To Network, Even If You’re An Introvert

With all the technology talk going on everywhere, here are some networking tips everyone, even you introverts, can use to make huge strides in your face to face prospecting…

Shy Networking - Networking For Introverts
Shy Networking is a new networking group on LinkedIn formed by Chris Garrett of and Lewis Howes, creator of LinkedInfluence, among other great products. They also have a training program for Shy Networkers. Join the free LinkedIn networking group today by clicking here: Visit Shy Networking

“Shy Networking helps people grow their network without the classic obnoxious moves made famous by the business card ninjas.”

Networking Made Easy for Introverts : The Work Buzz


Does the thought of making small talk make you cringe? Does schmoozing make you feel like a schmuck? Devora Zack, author of “Networking for People Who Hate.

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking | The Daily Muse


If you’re shy, attending networking events and meeting new people can be pretty intimidating. Check out our expert tips for making it not so bad.

Networking tips for introverts and beginners | The Intentional


Author and networking expert Patti DeNucci shares some networking tips that can help even the most introverted and new networkers feel more comfortable and meet people who are a fit for them and their goals.

Introverts, You can Network Too: 7 Tips That Really Work for the Shy


The idea that only outgoing people can establish relationships with others is not true. As an introvert, you have strengths that you can use which will work well with your personality. Here are some Social Networking Tips for

Self-Promotion for Introverts – Quiet Guide to Small Biz Success … 21

So if lots of in-person networking isn’t your thing, you need to find other ways to make connections to colleagues…

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