Interesting Trivia from Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone


I attended a Silicon Valley area corporate event today and heard some interesting stories from Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder (@biz) about the early days of Twitter.  This would make some decent trivia for your next cocktail party.

  • The reason for the 140 character limit?  SMS limits are 160 characters so they set the limit at 140 to allow for the message and a username.
  • The genesis of the concept is that the founders wanted to have a service that emulated the status that you would see for all of your friends on instant message platforms (like AIM, AOL’s IM service).  People would put information about what they were doing or what the weather was like, etc.  They wanted to take just that status aspect and make it an independent application.
  • Other names included Jitter – but that didn’t sound quite right.  Twitter, little communications from birds fit the bill…

He also talked about the various ways people are using Twitter but I’ll save that for another post…