Why Are Marketers and Businesses Ignoring Google Plus?

Google Plus

…and when will that change ?

There’s a strange thing happening on Google. Despite the huge press for Google Plus and its incredible, unprecedented growth, marketers and businesses don’t seem to care about it. Yes, there are some great Google Plus business pages being created but the collective market just isn’t interested (at least not yet). Why do I say that?

No one searches for it!

There’s a noticeable lack searches for “Marketing on Google Plus” and “Google Plus For Business” as compared to similar searches for other social media platforms and internet marketing terms. This implies that most people are not yet interested in learning the best ways to market on Google Plus or to use Google Plus for business (and yes, I tried googleplus and google+).

Take this example below. Marketing on Facebook has 110,000 searches a month versus a measly 720 per month for Marketing on Google Plus!

marketing on social media platforms

No one advertises for these terms except Google itself!

In addition, no one seems to be advertising for these terms. Google itself seems to be the sole advertiser for both “Marketing on Google Plus” and “Google Plus for Business”. This implies that marketers don’t have much to sell related to these terms or to consider these terms very valuable as of yet. Notice on the “Facebook for business” search results page below these that the ads are not necessarily all for Facebook. Some are for social media marketing in general.

Google Plus for Business Search Results Page

* Low traffic now but we’re happy that our last Google Plus for Business post is on page 1!

Marketing On Google Plus

As compared to “Facebook For Business”

Facebook for business has plenty of action from advertisers. This is a thriving marketplace.

Facebook for business search results page

So when will Google Plus take off for business?

I took a look at the search and news metion trends for Google Plus, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for both the “marketing on” phrase and the “for busines” phrase. I also did some research to get some rough users numbers to plot against those trends.

Social Media marketing trends graph

Social media for business trends graph

Some conclusions:


  • “Facebook marketing” and “Facebook for business” searches dominate as compared to YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.
  • Searches and news about “marketing” on platforms typically precedes the “for business” searches and news. In the case of Google Plus this seems to be the case, but the marketing searches seem to have petered out while the “for business” searches have been much more pronounced.
  • Significant press coverage seems to lag large volumes of searches by quite a few months or years.
  • Twitter got a lot of searches and press coverage for both areas when it was in the 10-20 million users stage (2009).
  • Facebook had it’s big bump  in “marketing” searches in late 2007 when it had about 50 million users and “for business” in early 2009 after it passed 100 million users.
  • “YouTube marketing” searches started in 2007 as it dominated all of the other video sharing platforms. “YouTube for business” searches get big much later – in 2009.
  • “LinkedIn Marketing” searches started growing significantly in 2009 as it approached 50 million users. “Linkedin for Business” searches didn’t get big until 2011 (but maybe because people know it’s “for business” already)

Google Plus is growing amazingly fast

Google has so many ways to cross-promote the platform, some people are looking for an alternative to Facebook and there has been a lot of buzz about the platform. All this has driven people to Google plus at unprecedented rates (see graph below).

It took just 88 days for Google Plus to get to 50 million users!

It took Myspace 1046 days, Twitter 1096 days, Facebook 1325 days and LinkedIn 2354 days.

(Sources: read more from Leon Haland and Paul Allen here)

When will people start to care about Google Plus for marketing & business?

So when will the tipping point for Google Plus for business and marketing happen? Is it when the system gets more user-friendly? Is it when Google Plus adds more functionality that businesses can use for promotion? Is it based on a certain critical mass of users? Is it when Google puts robust advertising options into Google Plus? Is it when third party tools can start to deliver Google Plus management and automation options?

What do you think? Why don’t businesses and marketers care about Google Plus and when will this change?

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