Getting your Website indexed in Google


Getting your site indexed by the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) is a critical part of having your site found by searchers on the Internet. Indexing means getting your site and all (or most) of it’s pages listed in the search engine’s database. Google has about 65% share of searches in the US, so it’s clearly critical to have your sites key pages included in the Google Index.

If you’re site is already indexed, no need to submit it again. Some people argue it’s better for Google to find your site than submit. But if your site’s not in the index, I would submit it following the process below.

1) Check to see what pages are indexed in Google (see bottom of post for picture). Go to the Google Search Engine (link below) and type in the following:

Google Search

(Replace “” with your site’s URL minus the WWW. No space after “site:”)

2) Check your site’s status with Google:

Google Site Status Tool

3) Follow instructions to join Google Webmaster Tools and Add your Site. You will likely have to create a sitemap that allows Google to crawl all of your pages easily.