Enchantment: 10 Ways Guy Kawasaki Used Mind Control To Get Me To Buy His Book…


…and what you can learn from the book launch

Guy Kawasaki’s launch and book tour for Enchantment, The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, was an amazing thing to behold. If you’re on social media at all and have any interest in business or marketing, you couldn’t help but see pictures of fans with the book, Guy with dignitaries holding the framed “Kawasaki Swallowtail”, Guy Kawasaki interviews, Guy videos, or announcements of GK keynotes. The onslaught was so complete that I had to buy his book. Did he use mind control to force the book into my hands?

Well, I think Guy has perfected the modern day book launch and has rolled out the most complete social media book campaign that I’ve ever seen. We can learn a lot from the Enchantment book launch and below are the main lessons I’ve taken away. Authors and marketers (and businesspeople in general) would be well-served to study this work of marketing art. What else did I miss or do you disagree? I’d love to “hear” your ideas in the comments.

10 Mind (& Heart) Control Tactics You Can Learn From Guy


1) Be A Thought Leader (and of course, write a great book)

Guy Kawasaki Blog World 2011
Guy at Blog World 2011 (photo: Tom Treanor)

First, you need to establish yourself as a thought leader. Guy has established himself as a thought leader over time in a variety of areas (startups, Twitter, online marketing, venture capital). With this new book, he takes a popular topic – how to win hearts and minds – and applies it squarely to the current, social media-driven world. Along with thought leadership, a great book that “wows” is a killer combination!

2) Don’t Be Constrained By “The Rules”

Guy doesn’t feel constrained by other people’s “rules”. Before Google Plus came around, Twitter was Guy’s favored marketing medium for pumping out a constant stream of curated content from AllTop.com (including the Holy Kaw blog). Guy used ghost Tweeters to find and send out content (but not to respond to or send “Direct Messages”!) and his accounts Tweeted multiple times a day. Well, the unofficial Twitter rule-makers didn’t like that. Guy didn’t care and still doesn’t care. He applied this “make your own rules” approach to the Enchantment book launch and you can apply it to your marketing as well!

3) Throw Out The Stock Images

For his cover image, Guy did not use a stock image. In fact, he actually did research on butterflies and enlisted “the Wayne Gretzky of origami” to create his own origami butterfly – “The Kawasaki Swallowtail”. You can see this combination of a Blue Marble butterfly and a B-1 Stealth bomber on the cover of Enchantment (and everywhere else!).

4) Create A Million Points Of Light

Guy has done a great job of getting the grass roots supporters involved in his marketing. He ran a very popular contest for the best picture with the Enchantment cover. This is a great combination of creativity, user-generated content, a giveaway (everyone who submits a picture gets a signed cover) and a prize. Needless to say, you can see Enchantment covers all over the Facebook and Google Plus because all of the entries need to be posted somewhere online. A million points of light.

5) Use Consistent Branding

Guy has taken consistent branding to a new level. Not only does he have the contest with thousands of pictures of the book cover, but he has taken the framed “Kawasaki Swallowtail” around the world with him and included it in every picture possible. His branding is impeccable across his social media sites, his web site and that butterfly is emblazoned in my brain!

6) Take The “Out Of The Blue” Opportunities and “Work It”

You’re only limited by your energy and imagination. Guy “works it”. He’s always on the road, kissing babies, speaking and taking pictures. He also takes opportunities to do impromptu cameos or presentations. Recently, he was in LA at the same time Blog World LA was going on. He was not an official speaker but he took that opportunity to present on Google Plus for business with Chris Brogan without any script or preparation. This was a great, unplanned opportunity to get his message out to a large audience and Guy took it.

Tom Treanor reading Guy Kawasaki's Enchantment Book7) Give To Receive

I heard from a credible source (okay, it was Jack Humphrey) that Guy (or his publisher) provided a ton of review copies to industry influencers. Sometimes you need to give to receive and review copies are critical for getting ink about your book! He also gives signed covers to anyone who posts their picture with the book cover online and sends him the link. How many authors are investing this much to enchant their readership?

8) Interview With Everyone (well, not exactly everyone)

Guy has incessantly interviewed, presented and keynoted in every forum and country imaginable. Guy has set the publicity bar very high for future book marketers.

9) Be Found Everywhere Your Target Audience Is

As my friend, Denise Wakeman says, be found everywhere your target audience hangs out. Well, I must be in Guy’s market because everywhere I turn, I see Guy and his butterfly. Do you? Use the strategy of finding out where your clients spend time and make sure that you, your branding and your message are well-represented there.

10) Don’t Bore People

Guy is a naturally gifted speaker and entertainer. He’s in demand, not only because he’s a thought leader and famous author, but because he also can get his audience laughing and enjoying themselves (also see my post on Peter Shankman’s keynote on this point!). Think about how you can edutain when you present to keep the invites coming.

Watch as Guy gets the audience rolling in this short clip I shot at Blog World LA 2011:

What Lessons Did You Learn?

There’s a lot to learn from Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment book launch.

What did you take away from his campaign? Do you disagree with anything you see above? Let me know in the comments!


Photo credits (Treanor family reading Enchantment): Monica Michelle photography (Menlo Park, CA). She’s an awesome photographer!!
For (million) thousand points of light reference, go here…

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10 Ways Guy Kawasaki Used Mind Control To Get Me To Buy His Book…

Guy Kawasaki’s launch and book tour for Enchantment, The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, was an amazing thing to behold. If you’re on social media at all and have any interest in business or marketing, you couldn’t help but see pictures of …

Denise Wakeman

Nice article… a must read for every author. Sadly many authors think if you write it, they will buy it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Guy Kawasaki demonstrates beautifully that you’ve got to take responsibility for marketing one’s own book.

Thanks for the shout-out. I look forward to the Business Blogging Telesummit next week…blog on!


Thanks Denise. Guy seemed to be everywhere so I thought of what you teach about being visible everywhere your target audience is!


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Tom. I agree with you. Working with the attitude of “no rules” works for me as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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