6 Ways Creativity Can Be Your New Secret Marketing Weapon

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creative blog postsContent Marketing has become a critical component of the marketing mix for businesses of all sizes and types. In fact, it’s so popular that the “content competition” will get tougher and tougher. It will be harder to stand out unless you find ways to separate you company’s content from the crowd (see Darwin’s 12 Rules of Blogging Survival). What’s a company to do? More research? Develop more content? Hire more guest bloggers?

Well, these may help, but what you learned in 3rd grade finger-painting class may be your company’s next secret weapon. Yes, you can paint outside the lines. It’s okay!

In fact, it’s more than okay. This could save your business from unprofitable obscurity.

6 Ways Creativity Is Your New Secret Weapon

1) Makes Your Company Stand Out

Creative content helps you stand out from the crowd. There are any number of people blogging about “how to remodel a kitchen” or “how to pick an architect”. How many architects are writing about “10 failed kitchen remodels and what they learned”??

2) Is Hard To Copy

Creative content is hard to copy. It becomes a competitive advantage for the companies that crack the code on creativity.

3) Keeps Your Smart People Engaged

Creativity keeps you and your staff interested. Churning out average content becomes a chore and the payoff can be very incremental. Creativity keeps smarter people interested (hint: mix in some more basic articles or guest posts to give them a break!).

4) Helps You “Milk” An Old Topic

Creativity means you can do more things on an old, tired topic. It allows you to look at the same subject from different angles. Instead of “how to give your dog exercise”, you can write about “10 outdoor adventures for you and your dog” or “how to work your dog out and lose a few pounds yourself”.

5) Moves You Into Other Media

Creativity allows you to stretch your content into other media like pictures, video or infographics (see infographic example). Pictures, video or infographics not only keeps your readers more interested, but they can help you get found more easily in search or in other platforms (like Youtube or Flickr, if you load your media there as well).

6) Builds A Deeper Bond With Your Audience

How deep of a bond can your audience build with a company that blogs about very generic and hum-drum things. No, they need to see some personality and some creativity. Sure, you’ll turn some people off, but who doesn’t want a more engaged and loyal audience?

Turn your right brain on!

So what are you waiting for? Get your right brain moving to help your business stand out!