8 Secrets To Success Distilled From 125+ Interviews

I had the pleasure of interviewing Krizia, who is a master interviewer and video marketer (and also the founder of the Women Entrepreneurs HQ)!

She’s interviewed over 125 people on video including:

  • Amy Porterfield
  • Mari Smith
  • Kate Buck
  • David Kaminski
  • Elisa Camahort Page
  • ..and over 120 more
Listen to the following interview where  we cover the 8 Secrets To Success she’s distilled from hours and hours of interviews!


Learn about Krizia’s new Women’s Entrepreneurs HQ Elite Membership Program (affiliate link).

Visit the Women Entrepreneurs HQ


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Thanks for sharing this great content. I believe that video marketing is only going to get bigger and become more accessible for even the small business. I am sharing this on my facebook page! Thanks again 🙂


Thanks Matt. I definitely agree that video marketing is very important so it’s important for marketers and business owners to be using it to find where it fits into their marketing mix!

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