Restaurant Marketing Trends 2013

Restaurant Marketing Trends

Restaurant Marketing

Restaurants are right at the nexus of several key marketing trends. They are all about being social (unless you like to dine alone), they’re local businesses (it’s hard to ship a hamburger), and their customers are passionate about food and love to talk about it. They love to take pictures of their meals and they love to post reviews online. Also, people quite often will find restaurants while on the go – so mobile becomes very, very important.

Now, understanding the context, what are the trends for restaurant marketing in 2013?

  • 72% trust online reviews over other sources
  • Restaurant loyalty programs can significantly boost profits
  • As mobile usage grows, a mobile site becomes essential
  • 72% of customers have used Facebook to make a retail or restaurant decision
  • SEO and Content will be needed to help restaurants be found online

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Bar and Restaurant Marketing Trends 2013

Are Restaurants up to the challenge?

As you probably know, many restaurants are not handling many aspects of Social, Mobile, Loyalty, SEO or Reviews well. What are the most common gaps you see with the restaurants you frequent (and how they market or interact with you)?
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