Project Management Essential: Gantt Chart (Infographic)

Project Management Essentials: Gantt Chart Infographic

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If you run projects large or small, a key visual tool that you can use to manage your team is called a Gantt chart. Even if you don’t use a specific project management software application, you can use basic office tools to map out your projects in this graphical format. I often used MS Powerpoint to quickly map out initial project plans when I worked for a Fortune 50 company.

See the very informative infographic below to grasp the key elements of Gantt charts including:

  • The history of Gantt charts and how they’ve been used in the past
  • The anatomy of the charts – including things like duration, current date and milestones
  • The benefits of Gantt charts including one view, resource usage and transparency

What is a Gantt Chart? #infographic
Provided by: Wrike Project Management Software