The 5 Tools To Create An Online Video Animation For Business Like A Pro

The 5 Tools to Create an Online Video Animation for Business Like a Pro

The 5 Tools To Create An Online Video Animation For Business Like A Pro

Creating a video animation has always been considered one of the most complex aspects of graphic design, which requires specific software and graphic design expertise. In addition, you must have a very powerful computer.

Fortunately, today, things have changed. The emergence of numerous online video creation tools has simplified the process of creating animated videos. Most of these tools are very easy to use and can easily (and quickly) create professional video animations without any graphics knowledge.

This article includes the five best online tools for creating professional videos, even if you have no knowledge of graphics or video editing.

1. Animaker

Animaker is an online animated video creation tool ideal for beginners, designed specifically to make animated videos easier. It allows you to create different types of video through a multitude of predefined templates. Animaker is easy to use, and the user interface is so simplified that any user can easily handle the tool. All you have to do is simply pick, drag and drop your items into the workspace. Then you arrange them in the timeline, and in the order you want.

Animaker offers the possibility to create different types of videos: you choose the type that suits you to create your own animation (or presentation).

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use solution for creating high-quality animations, Animaker is perfect for you. Its user interface is nice, clean and simple. There are many options regarding design and animations (a good amount of elements for your creativity).

2. PowToon

It is an online video creation tool similar to Moovly. It offers a series of templates and icons from which users can create their video from scratch. Each template contains a library that is relevant and includes objects and styles that compose the scenes in the video. The best part is that the developers of Powtoon regularly add new designs, objects, and styles.

With its intuitive interface, using Powtoon is really easy, and most importantly you can use existing video templates with animated characters, illustrations and effects to switch from one view to another. There is also HD quality music that you can insert to the videos you create. The final video can be exported in MP4 Full HD format.

A free version of Powtoon is available. It is limited but allows you to test and check if it offers all the features you need for creating your videos.

3. Wideo

Wideo is another online platform that allows you to create professional videos and animations without knowledge of graphics quickly. Wideo’s workspace is clean and well organized, you can create animated videos from pre-designed templates, or start your video from scratch using the resources you need.

There are many graphic elements you can customize, which will help you create original videos in a short time. You can also use your own pictures and audios.

4. FlexClip

FlexClip is one of the best video creation platforms. FlexClip is cloud-based, which means that you do not need to install software on your computer, and all the work is done online via the FlexClip website. It offers powerful tools and a wide range of pre-designed text animations to different industries and users.

Ease of use is the biggest advantage of FlexClip. Just drag and drop to upload your media, add text, change the background, etc. FlexClip makes the process of video creation extremely enjoyable experience.

FlexClip is an ideal tool for creating engaging animations aimed at education, company presentation, product marketing, project presentation, and so on.

5. Renderforest

Renderforest is a very special online video creation tool, as it not only allows you to make animated videos but also to create videos in the form of a film clip, thanks to a large library that contains video clips and graphic elements.

Like other similar tools, Renderforest can be used to create explanatory videos, cartoons, whiteboard animations, video introductions, and animated presentations.

To create a video with Renderforest, it’s simple: you choose a template from the site library, you personalize the content, you save the project to your dashboard, and you download the created video at any time to your computer. You can also publish it directly on Facebook or Youtube.


With one of these online video creation software, you’ll have plenty of time to create your next amazing video animation. Be sure to choose the tool that offers the graphics and video styles that best fit your needs.

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