Multiple Benefits of Using Video Tutorials in Knowledge Base

Multiple Benefits of Using Video Tutorials in Knowledge Base

Knowledge base is an important asset of every successful company in the world. All of the data that the employees of a company gather are located in a single database of the company. It is an incredibly useful tool, responsible for increased productivity of teams within a company. It is also a great tool for saving time, as all of the important data is available to all the employees at all times. Additionally, it is possible to utilize a knowledge base to increase customer satisfaction through creation of detailed FAQ pages for the customers.

All of this shows how knowledge base is extremely useful, but what can make it a much more efficient tool is the utilization of video material, especially when it comes to creating tutorials.

There are several different benefits and reasons why it is important to start relying on video content in knowledge base tutorials.

Text versus video

Text versus video

Utilizing text for educative purposes has been the best way of transferring knowledge for the past few millennia. However, technology has moved forward and new ways of education have become much more popular, simply because they are far more effective. The introduction of visual elements in text-based content has significantly improved the way people learn. From the moment that the internet expanded to cover the globe, these two mediums became the best ways of knowledge transfer. Each of these mediums has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Acquiring knowledge from text requires much more time investment. Additionally, not only does it take more time to cover a wall of text, but the amount of focus required is another factor that makes it harder to memorize all the important information.

On the other hand, with video content, it takes much less time to conduct a successful learning session. All the important information is given in a straightforward manner, which makes the amount of information memorize much smaller.

Know your audience

The type of people who are being employed nowadays are much different than the previous generations. These modern generations have grown up in the time of YouTube, so millennials are used to consuming content in video form. It is simply becoming the most popular way of consuming a wide variety of content across the globe. This is why it is essential to introduce the video tutorials in your knowledge base.

Millennials are going to take up around 80% of the whole workforce in the world by the end of 2025. So implementing videos as the main medium of delivering worthwhile tutorials for your employees is an actual step into the future, one that is going to significantly increase the efficiency of the people working for you.

Knowledge transfer efficiency

Knowledge transfer efficiency

Videos are very useful because it is much easier to remember the information that they contain. When a user is listening to an audio sample or reading, the knowledge retention is just around 10% after a period of 3 days, meaning that it takes a lot of repetition to memorize all of the important bits of information mentioned. However, when graphical elements are used along with the audio stream, the retention rate spikes to an amazing 65% after 3 days, which makes video content the perfect way of providing tutorials for your employees.

The ease of creation

There is an increasing number of tools that allow you to create tutorial videos nowadays. So if you thought you would need a professional to create tutorial videos, you are mistaken. Creating and editing a video has become incredibly easy – anyone from your company can create a high-quality video that is going to greatly help the new employees acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Creating tutorial videos can often take a lot less time than typing out an article that includes all the important information. The ease with which you can create video content is a very important factor, as it is going to allow your team to quickly add new tutorials.

Media mobility

Media mobility

Technology has dramatically changed the way people consume content in the online world. The fact that tablets and smartphones have conquered the world has made it possible for people to view content on the go. These habits have given an advantage to video as a learning medium. Allowing your employees to consume video content on the go is another reason why incorporating video tutorials in your knowledge base would offer higher productivity.

Imagine that you’ve switched to using a new piece of software within your company. You can now easily create a tutorial video for this new tool, which is going to give your employees a chance to cover all the important information while they are commuting.

Collaboration and customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction

Video material in knowledge base can be used to enhance the quality of the FAQ pages. Video material is much better at answering the most common FAQs that your customers have. This is a significant step in increasing customer loyalty, and you need a devoted base of return customers if you want your business to succeed.

When it comes to collaboration, people can more easily communicate amongst each other. Furthermore, if you are planning on hiring a freelancer or a whole team of freelancers, utilizing video tutorials can make the whole communication process much easier and more straightforward.

All of these things show how implementing and using video tutorials in your knowledge base can improve the whole work-flow within the company. As the video medium is taking over the whole world, the question is not whether or not you should start incorporating video content, but when you are going to start implementing it. As you can see, video tutorials offer numerous benefits  like increasing productivity, information transparency and improving the learning curve of each of your employees.

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