A Productivity Game Changer – Introducing MeisterTask 2.0

Productivity Tips

MeisterTask, the intuitive and collaborative task management app for teams, brought to you by the team behind online mind mapping app, MindMeister, has just launched its biggest update yet: MeisterTask 2.0.

With a fresh new dashboard, a suite of new productivity features and a brand new tech stack, making MeisterTask faster and more stable than ever, users are calling MeisterTask 2.0 a productivity game changer.

Already the receiver of plenty of hype, MeisterTask presents productive task management with a creative twist. Teams can both use MeisterTask as a standalone solution, creating an unlimited number of kanban-style projects to collaborate on tasks from creation to completion, or alongside MindMeister for the full productivity workflow. Via its direct integration with leading online mind mapping app, MindMeister, teams can convert their mind mapped plans directly into actionable tasks in MeisterTask’s project boards.

This unique workflow has earned MeisterTask its fair share of interest. Since launching in 2015, MeisterTask has been listed as a top app by the Apple App Store, Google Chrome Store, WIRED, Zapier and many more. However, the MeisterTask team had plenty up their sleeve, as can be seen in MeisterTask 2.0. By implementing highly requested new features, such as a customizable dashboard, personal task checklist and in-task custom fields, team productivity can be boosted, with all project communication and documents stored in one central collaborative space.

What’s more, it’s now faster than ever to use MeisterTask alongside your other favorite apps. With MeisterTask 2.0, you can set up integrations directly within MeisterTask, via the My Account area. With Zapier, for example, you can now send data between MeisterTask and over 1,000 of your other favourite tools, without even leaving MeisterTask. Want to create a follow-up task every time a sales query enters your inbox? Zapier has you covered and with MeisterTask 2.0, the set up process is faster than ever.

Plus, it’s not only the integrations that have been boosted. Via the brand new tech stack, MeisterTask as a whole has had its performance supercharged. With a new architecture and improved rendering performance, the product is faster and more stable than ever.

With fresh productivity features, a sparkly new look, and a suite of ‘under the hood’ improvements, MeisterTask 2.0 presents the same agile task management tool, only supercharged, and users can’t wait to get their hands on it.

For more information on what MeisterTask 2.0 has in store, visit the MeisterTask blog.