5 Tips for the Serial Side Hustler

Freelance and gig work is an ever-rising trend in the modern business world. Now, many workers around the world depend on side hustles to supplement or create their income, with over 57 million Americans working some kind of freelance job.

Most of these freelancers are working several jobs at a time — called “serial side hustlers”. If you already have multiple side hustles or are interested in branching out, consider helpful serial side hustle tips on how to successfully manage multiple gigs.

1. Set a Goal

Creating a goal means that you aren’t working aimlessly for the sake of working.

Set up an idea of what your end game is. This goal can be anything: the amount of money you earn, the experience you gain, or the how much content you produce.

2. Create Time Blocks

Organization is key for any job, but when you are managing yourself, staying organized and managing your time effectively is crucial.

Organize your gigs into chunks of time. Block off time slots for each activity so that you have a clear and simple plan going forward, and don’t get bogged down by having to remember when to do what.

3. Add Some Variety

Burnout is very common among freelancers, particularly when work gets repetitive and stressful. One way to avoid this is by pursuing new gigs in different industries to keep your work diverse and interesting.

4. Take Time Off

Make sure you are aware of the time commitment that freelancer work demands, especially if you are pursuing multiple side hustles.

Another way to avoid burnout is to allot time to relax and de-stress. Build this time into your schedule to force yourself to take a break occasionally.

5. Use Simple Life Hacks

Multiple gigs are a big time commitment, so simplifying your life and optimizing your time in other areas is a good way to maintain a comfortable schedule and not over-exert yourself.

Make your life easier with simple hacks like meal planning at the beginning of the week or time blocking during the day to focus on one task at a time.

For additional tips and tricks to manage your side hustle, take a look at the infographic below from ZenBusiness.

The Serial Side Hustler

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