Productivity Habit Tips

5 Keys To Forming New Productivity Habits

Rather than fighting to do something each day, turning a good thing into a habit can pay serious dividends personally or professionally – for us as individuals or for a team.

In this recent presentation, “Get Into The Habit” there are some valuable tips about turning important tasks into habits, including:

  • Habit turns a task into something we do on autopilot
  • By doing this, we can reserve valuable energy for problem solving
  • But adding a new habit (making change) requires consistency and we need to overcome resistance
  • We need to internalize the reasons for change in order to make it
  • We need to be consistent for at least 66 days

To learn more, see the presentation below:

What tips do you have for creating habits? Have you been able to really succeed in transforming yourself or a team in a positive way? Let us know in the comments!

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66 days to to form a new habit 🙁 , No wonder I never get hold of good habits. Some interesting facts though and probably gave me the motivation to go to the gym. Now the hard part is doing that for 66 days 🙂 .

Vlad Rom

Building strong habits is definitely the way to improve and/or change your character. You will benefit a lot in the long run as you mentioned in your post.

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