5 Keys To Forming New Productivity Habits

Productivity Habit Tips

Productivity Tips

Rather than fighting to do something each day, turning a good thing into a habit can pay serious dividends personally or professionally – for us as individuals or for a team.

In this recent presentation, “Get Into The Habit” there are some valuable tips about turning important tasks into habits, including:

  • Habit turns a task into something we do on autopilot
  • By doing this, we can reserve valuable energy for problem solving
  • But adding a new habit (making change) requires consistency and we need to overcome resistance
  • We need to internalize the reasons for change in order to make it
  • We need to be consistent for at least 66 days

To learn more, see the presentation below:

What tips do you have for creating habits? Have you been able to really succeed in transforming yourself or a team in a positive way? Let us know in the comments!