15 Ways to Leverage Your Lunch Break for Productivity

Productivity Tips

As a CEO or entrepreneur, productivity is key. You want to make sure you’re using every hour of your day in the best possible way so that no time is wasted. Because you want to be so productive, you may be in the habit of skipping lunch. Does this sound like you?

We’re here to tell you that taking a lunch break is one of the best ways to boost your productivity and return to work feeling refreshed and creatively renewed. Despite what many think, it’s such a powerful opportunity to prioritize your goals and get ahead on what really matters. Whether you want to improve your personal, professional, or financial wellbeing, sometimes all you really need is thirty minutes to do something great.

If you work from home, take a break and go for a jog. A jog every day has the potential to make you feel 41% more motivated at work. Consider working towards a certification relevant to your line of work — it shows that you’re willing to take initiative, and could increase your earnings by 25% or more.

Feeling inspired to size your lunch break? Check out the infographic below for more inspiration on what you can achieve in thirty minutes or less.