My Secret Weapon for Pinterest Content Curation

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I run a board on Pinterest called Pinterest Articles and Tips. It’s an active board and I have a decent following. I read (in one of the infographics on that board) that over 80% of pins on Pinterest are actually re-pins. To make my board interesting, fresh and unique, I prefer to bring in new pins from outside Pinterest. If you’re just re-pinning others’ pins it doesn’t seem to be as valuable (but that’s just my philosophy).

Pinterest Articles and Tips Board
Click this to see my Pinterest Articles & Tips Board

So how do I consistently bring in new content?

Obviously to bring in new, interesting pins, you have to be out there on the internet – reading blogs, engaging in social media and discovering new, fresh content. I do all of this, but I’ve found one more trick that helps me discover great content quickly so I don’t have to spend all day hunting down new posts and articles.

My Pinterest Curation Secret Weapon

I’ve been a user and affiliate of CurationSoft for a while now. I’ve used it mainly for writing curated blog posts (with it’s content discovery and drag and drop feature). If your strategy involves curating articles, I recommend you take a look at it. Anyway, in addition to curating content for blog posts, I’ve found two other good uses for CurationSoft. One of them is blog commenting. It’s a great tool to find recent blog posts on topics that I write about (and you can add “comment luv”, “Disqus” or “Liverfyre” as part of the search phrase if you have preferred commenting platform).

But the third use that I’ll talk about today is turning out to be a great time-saver for me .. curating content on Pinterest…

How CurationSoft helps with Pinterest Board Curation

The great thing about CurationSoft is that it allows to you to find relevant and recent blog posts, articles, videos and pictures by keyword. Each link opens in a new window so your original search stays there (so you can quickly go to the next post). It also allows you to quickly use several different searches to find the best articles and to quickly pin them to your board (or boards).

You can see how it works on the video here and I have step-by-step instructions below that.

Step 1: Choose Source, Input Keywords and Find Articles

Choose which of the several search options you want to use (for paid version). For the free version, the available option, Google Blog Search, is good because it usually seems to have the best selection.

Find Pinterest Articles

Step 2: Check Article (or Video or Picture) Quality and Pin

I always do a quality check on each article (or picture or video) that I post on Pinterest. I want to keep the quality high and I usually learn something even with a quick skim.

Pin the Article

Step 3: Pick the Rigtht Picture

Pick the main picture for the post. If there are several to choose from, pick the most interesting or eye-catching one. This is Pinterest rigtht? It’s all about what catches people’s eye.

Choose a compelling picture

Step 4: Choose the Board and Fill in Pin Information and Source

Make sure you pick the right board so you don’t waste time going back to edit that. I usually pin for one board at a time so the default board is always the one I’m working on.

Also, add the title or other comments about your pin. I usually also list the source in parentheses so people know where it came from (and are more likely to open or re-pin if it’s a reputable source.

Complete info for your pin

Step 5: (Optional) See your Pin, Tweet it or Share on Facebook – done!

Pinterest gives you the option to see your pin, to Tweet it or to share it on Facebook. You can skip this step if you like. I share the occasional pin on Twitter.

Share your pin

Step 6: Get the Next Post, Video or Picture!

That process takes about a minute or two per post so you can go back to your CurationSoft dashboard and click on the next article and repeat. In a few minutes you’ve added a few great pins.

Do you curate any popular boards on Pinterest? Feel free to share them and let me know what tips and tricks you use to find good content in the comments below.