How to Pin to Pinterest if there is no Picture (Tool)

Pinterest Marketing

A great Pinterest tool to pin if there's no pictureIf you’re using Pinterest to curate content (click to see how), you sometimes run into a great blog post that doesn’t have a picture or has a picture that is too small to pin.

Thanks to Maggie McGary over at Social Fish, I learned about a great tool (Shotpin) that I now use for pinning blogs without pictures that I’ll demonstrate below.

How to Use Shotpin

Step 1: Load it into your Chrome Browser

First off, this is a Chrome extension so you have to use Chrome for these particular pins. Once you open Chrome go (in the top menu) to Chrome -> Preferences -> Extensions and “Get More Extensions” at the bottom. Search for Shotpin and add it to your browswer.

Step 2: Find a Post without a picture (or one that’s too small)

Then, when you stumble across a post that has a picture that’s too small for Pinterest to recognize it, you’re ready to use Shotpin! I read this great post on JV partnerships by Kathleen Gage and wanted to pin it but the main picture wasn’t big enough to get captured by the Pinterest “Pin it” button.

Pin without a picture

Step 3: Click Pinshot button and select a rectangle

Click the small red button in the upper right and then select a rectangle to be your pin image (use your mouse and mouse buttons to select).

how to pin without a picture on pinterest

Step 4: Pick a picture that has some meaning

You can pick the site logo, a “to small to pin” picture and/or the post title. Something that will stand out on Pinterest if possible (versus just text).

Step 5: Fill in the Pin information

Include your comments about the pin or the post title and where you pinned it from (the URL linking to the post should be attached automatically).

You can see the final pin here.

What do you do when there’s no picture?

When you find those posts that don’t have a picture, this is one elegant solution – thanks Maggie for the tip on using it! Another option is to create a text box using Share as Image (formerly Pin a Quote) – that’s a tip that Denise Wakeman teaches us here in Pinterest Tools for Power Users.

Do you just skip pinning that post when there’s no picture? Are there other tools or methods you use to pin it? Let me know in the comments…