How to Add Text to your Images

how to add text to pictures

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how to add text to picturesWith the 1-2 punch of Facebook and Pinterest driving a more visual online experience, creating pictures with text on them has become a standard part of any marketer’s online arsenal.

So just how do you add text to a picture?

1) Presentation Tools: One way is to use a presentation tool like Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote. Paste in your picture, add some text and then “save as pictures”. Then open that file in a photo editing tool and crop to size.

2) Graphic Design/Photo Editing Tools: Traditional graphic design or photo editing tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. If you’re an Illustrator or Photoshop wiz, this is another approach for you.

3) Image Textification Tools: A whole new crop of image “textification” tools which allow you to easily add text to photoes and save or share via social networks. Thanks to Nick for the list!

So who’s actively sharing photos with text? Are you creating your own? Let me know in the comments or feel free to point out other tools..

Note: I used the Over iphone app to create the picture in this post…