pinterest tips and ideas

5 Pinterest Tips for Visually Engaging your Niche Audience

pinterest tips and ideas

Guest post by Caeden M MacGregor

Pinterest is the newest social media craze—capturing the attention of over 3 million unique visitors with its mainly female fan base. I admit, I was sucked in for about 4 hours the first time I logged onto the visual social sharing platform that blends my love of curating my photos online with my love of getting comments, feedback, and likes from those in my social network.

Pinterest is like eye-candy for the eager beavers who like to collect in pictures whatever is cool and stylish online. From fashion to food, and from travel to DIY décor, Pinterest is a great way to collect inspiration for outfits, hairstyles, wedding ideas, and even recipes.

However, aside from the visual overload, one rather overlooked opportunity that Pinterest offers businesses is the potential of viral online marketing. It’s true! Pinterest offers a direct link from the social site (from your pin board) directly to the product page on your site where customers can make a direct purchase—although many businesses haven’t yet utilized this great opportunity.

To help small businesses take advantage of the many online marketing opportunities that Pinterest offers, here are five tips for using the social media site to drive traffic to your consumer website:

1. Make sure your business is a match

As mentioned above, Pinterest offers visual businesses—like clothing designers, travel agents, foodies and restaurants, photographers, jewelry makers, home decorators, and crafters—an opportunity to visually showcase their wares and tempt customers on a visual field. That means if you’re business or products don’t engage customers on a visual level (i.e., sewage removal companies), Pinterest might not be your first choice for a social media venue. However, there are still unique ways to engage customers on the site with some creativity. For instance, it is possible for providers of outhouses to engage customers in visually pleasing ways.

2. Don’t clutter your pin boards

The whole goal of Pinterest is to provide a visual pleasing medium that doesn’t overwhelm. That means your pin boards should showcase your products among other (this is the key) related images, but still remain uncluttered. Keep the pinned images on your boards clean and be sure to always including a link back to the source site (especially with your own images). However, refrain from overwhelming your boards with too many images. Instead, start a new board and keep things clean and fresh.

3. Don’t just promote your own products

Pinterest users, like on any other social media site, can smell a blatant marketing scheme when they see one, and the fastest way to turn them off of your pin boards is to cram them full of your own product images. Too much of a self-serving product pitch will scare users away from your brand. Instead, opt to share a few of your own products to drive users to your site, amongst relevant and cool images from other users.

4. Don’t forget to install a pin button on your website

Show your customers that you are a Pinterest user by installing a pin button on your website that directly links your Pinterest page. By linking the two sites together you will drive visitors from one site to the other with seamless ease.

5. Use other social nets to feed Pinterest

If you’re new to Pinterest it’s wise to check out what your competition is doing (especially if they’ve been on Pinterest for a while). Check out their boards and themes for inspiration. How are they engaging customers? The idea isn’t too steal their ideas, it’s to seek some inspiration for doing things differently in order to engage and encourage your own pin board visitors with things like promos, contests, and idea sharing.

About The Author

Caeden M MacGregor is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing, a company that specializes in SEO in Vancouver. Caeden has written for numerous blogs on a variety of topics ranging from guest blogging to landing page optimization.

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Ryan Hanley


One thing I recommend against is Auto-publishing your Pins to Facebook. This was on by default with my Pinterest account and I didn’t really make note of it.

Every time I pinned something it was posted on Facebook. I got a bunch of “It’s Too Much” messages on Facebook…

Just FYI for anyone getting started on Pinterest. I have since turned this feature off.


Tom Treanor


Great point! Yes, definitely check the Pinterest settings after you join and turn off any autoposts that you don’t want (e.g. posting to your Facebook or Twitter profile). Sometimes you won’t know about this until people complain like you mention here. Thanks for adding this insight!

Caeden MacGregor

I agree Ryan. When I first started Pinning they were auto-publishing to my FB as well. It’s not too bad when you are only doing a few pins here and there but can turn some off if you’re pinning in bulk. Great call.


I’d also suggest to promote products sparingly and do not use it as a direct advertising tool. It’s better to have a variety of content and be creative with it.

Tom Treanor

Jeff, I completely agree. Thanks for adding to the list!

Stanley Rao

Pinterest might not be your first choice for a social media venue but would bring you all the needs and requirements you had thought off

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