Why Startups Need to Focus on Customer Service?

A typical encounter with a customer support system involves struggling with the ever-confusing menu on an automated call system and a long wait that usually ends in frustration and irritation. This is why people decide to part ways with their existing providers. You may be thinking what does this have to do with my company … [Read More…] Why Startups Need to Focus on Customer Service?

As humans, we’re psychologically programmed to follow the crowd. We naturally look up to others for cues; for guidance; for leadership. And that’s exactly why blogger outreach is so important in digital marketing. ‘Influencers’ have power. They act as digital leaders, helping others to discover new brands, new products, and even new ideas. They influence not … [Read More…] Prerequisites for A Successful Blogger Outreach Campaign

Since the dawn of digital media, the consumers are expecting brands to interact with them in the way that is more human. In a one-way conversation, a brand continuously markets its products and doesn’t acknowledge or interact with their prospects. This doesn’t help the brands to know and nurture their consumer’s needs and hence result … [Read More…] How to Create a Facebook Messenger Bot and Ways it can Grow Your Business Audience


Every agency enters into the market with succession as their goal. The friction they experience as soon as they enter into the market is unreal and often too much for the budding agencies to handle. This happens due to lack of research that stems from inexperience and improper guidance. It is particularly difficult to succeed … [Read More…] Here Are Tactics for Agencies Seeking Success

HTTPS abbreviates as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It is the protocol through which packets of data travel through a website you visit and your browser. A website having ‘S’ in addition to the HTTP protocol means it is safe to exchange information with the website as it is marked as a secure connection. The … [Read More…] 5 Most Compelling Reasons to Enable HTTPS on Your Website


One of the great things about marketing is that it is, by and large, cyclical in nature. At some point, everything old becomes evergreen again. This is something we’re experiencing right now, as marketers in all industries attempt to battle information overload by not necessarily doubling down on the modern-day digital trends but returning to … [Read More…] It Is High Time We Revive the Art of Creating Flyers