Copywriting Mistakes

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I appreciate someone pointing out my mistake because I learn through them. But that doesn’t mean everyone else will do the same. In fact, mistakes are something that brands are rarely forgiven for, so falling short once can sometimes mean falling off the favorites list once and for all. “I am building a consumer brand” … [Read More…] Mistakes in Copywriting that everybody should take care of

Top 10 Free Tools to Take Your Workflow to the Next Level


If you’re a digital marketer, you’re probably acquainted with the notion of SEO. And if you know about SEO, then you’re also aware of how important it is to make your website or mobile application SEO-friendly so that Google Baba always showers his highest favors and honors on you (we’re talking about SEO ranking, duh!). … [Read More…] 11 Awesome Tools to Help You Scale Your Business!

Ignoring - Not Seeing

We all know that you can optimize your website to increase web traffic with strategies like paid advertisements on social media and Google (e.g. Adwords), SEO, social media campaigns with influencers, and so on. These are the big boys when it comes to improving web traffic. However, there are also a lot of little things … [Read More…] The Little Bits of Your Website You’re Ignoring

6 Creative Ways to Get Instagram Followers (Without Commenting)

For many years, following Instagram users and leaving comments on their content has been the single best way to grow your following. But with the platform now becoming more mature, and the users on it more savvy, it’s time to look for new ways to market your channel. Instagram has a hard limit on follows … [Read More…] 6 Creative Ways to Get Instagram Followers (Without Commenting)



Are you an entrepreneur who wants to save time in managing your business? Do want to grow your business to unmatched heights? If Yes, then this article is the right choice for you. Gone are the days when business was handled manually. Modern business requires modern ways and technique to grow better. You can utilize the … [Read More…] Best Tools to Save Time and Grow Your Business

Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out For 2019

Today’s post is from Zee Cox, a social media expert, blogger and a writer for Local Cable Deals. Never before was a generation so virtually active than the one thriving at present. According to Statista’s report, the estimated headcount of social media users around the globe is expected to rise up to 2.77 billion this very year. … [Read More…] 10 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019