How AI is changing Mobile App Development


Mobile apps are not just an inevitable part of a smartphone, but also our lives. Google Play and App Store, help you in highlighting your app and bringing it in the notice of your target audience. If you are a mobile app developer and developed an app, you must also know how to market it. … [Read More…] Important Tips for Marketing Your Newly Developed Mobile App

Law Hammer

As an increasing number of legal professionals are making known their services online, it is imperative to stand apart from the crowd and be easily accessible to your potential clients. Leads are always crucial to law firms and here are 11 ways to grow your law firm traffic through the internet. 1. Appealing Web Design … [Read More…] 11 Ways to Grow Your Law Firm Traffic By 300%



Businesses these days face a lot of competition from rivals. It doesn’t matter what sort of industry you are in, the chances are you will have plenty of other competitors trying to take a bigger slice of the pie. This is why you need to consider solutions that can put your head and shoulders above … [Read More…] Why Blogging is Important for Marketing Your Business?

Email Marketing: Emerging Trends to Survive 2019 and Beyond - Feature Image

Email marketing is alive and well coming into the last year of the decade. In fact, it’s set to become bigger and better. If you implement the right methods in your marketing strategy, establishing this channel as still one of the most effective tools a marketer can have at his or her disposal. When it … [Read More…] Email Marketing: Emerging Trends to Survive 2019 and Beyond

Attract New Customer eCommerce Small Business


Small businesses are struggling. The economy isn’t what it once was, companies like Amazon are gobbling up a lot of the business, and Google is making it almost impossible for local companies to stand out. But not all is lost. There are still plenty of ways you can attract new customers, you just need to … [Read More…] 10 Interesting Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Small Business

5 Reasons Why Startups Cannot Put Off Having a Mobile CRM App


Does your startup have a sturdy mobile CRM app yet? You definitely need one. They offer multiple advantages and will easily bring in more ROI than the initial investment, in more ways than one. For an SMB that is constantly trying to score the maximum ROI on its marketing budget, and to whom every single … [Read More…] 5 Reasons Why Startups Cannot Put Off Having a Mobile CRM App