Over the past decade, marketing has witnessed a radical change ― it has gone almost exclusively online. And for good reason. Online marketing or internet marketing, more commonly referred to as digital marketing, has remarkable benefits over traditional marketing. While traditional marketing techniques (TV, print, flyers, billboards, radio, etc.) are still employed by big … [Read More…] 4 Ways You Can Become Pro at Digital Marketing as a Newbie

Discipline versus Motivation

All your attempts to start jogging every morning before going to the office are dead in the water? Your desire to spare an hour a day for a healthy decent lunch instead of eating fast food at the workplace vanishes before 1 pm? Just wanting something is not enough without the sheer willpower, but it’s … [Read More…] Discipline Versus Motivation: What is More Important?

SMS Marketing


You must be aware of mobile marketing. Well, if it so happens that is a newbie to this sector and want to explore various filed, you are at the perfect place. This article will focus on mobile marketing in general and SMS marketing in particular. To begin with, first, analyze the concept of SMS marketing. … [Read More…] How to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign?

Sales and Marketing Strategies Tools


Every business has some plans when it comes to marketing. They all want user or customer attention so that you can drive more customers to your business and make more sales. But it is not really simple. Sometimes, the marketing techniques work while at the other time they flunk badly to impress the users.In this … [Read More…] Why Simple and Strategic Promotions Are Powerful Sales and Marketing Tools?

Ghost Writing


How focused are you on your content development and marketing strategies? We understand that as entrepreneurs, you already have so many core tasks to perform that putting in time or effort in digital marketing seems hard. But if your content is of poor quality or not related to your target audience, you don’t build enough … [Read More…] Why Should Businesses Consider Hiring a Ghostwriter for Help?


While most companies today have a digital marketing strategy, not many are actively controlling theirs. What does that mean? That they cannot shape the opinions formed behind their back on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or other social media websites. What they should realize by now is that customer opinion will form, and it is always better to … [Read More…] How Do You Evaluate Digital Marketing Performance?