10 Most Critical Content Marketing Metrics You Should Measure to Beef up Your Marketing Campaign

Writing how-to guides, opinion pieces, and industry-specific articles have always benefited whoever published it in one way or another. Whether you are a blogger, an eCommerce website owner or a content creator by profession, long-form content should be something to keep in mind. According to CMI, 60% of marketers struggle with creating engaging content for … [Read More…] Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Include Long-Form Content?

How Growth Hacking Can Benefit Your Business


I believe…scrap that…I know that if I was to ask how you boost your eCommerce sales back in 2010 you would come up with a list of tips and hacks that even Gearbest would want to steal. You know, buyer personas, great design, tracking leads and the good ol’ Facebook ads were the champions a … [Read More…] 7 Tips to Boost your eCommerce Store Sales in 2019

voice search

Voice recognition devices are quickly becoming the driving force behind a shift in consumer behaviour. People no longer want to waste time typing out a query into Google, they want to simply be able to speak it aloud and find the answers they’re looking for. In fact, according to a recent survey, around 71% of … [Read More…] Why Businesses Need to Start Optimizing Content for Voice Search?

Conversation, ROI & Profit

Global expansion is key for any business, big or small, to attain long-term success. It has become really hard to make a name for your business in a world that is so dynamic. To stand out from the crowd and to leave an impression on the minds of your customers, effective communication of your message … [Read More…] How Professional Translation Services Can Help To Enhance Business Growth?

online business promote


Launching a small business or start-up is exciting! And, often, starts with a small marketing budget. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t highly effective ways to promote your product at a reasonable cost. In the digital era, there are many opportunities for you to advertise your business using minimal resources. You just need to … [Read More…] Promoting Your Small Business Online? 7 Free Tools You Absolutely Need

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is an unusual phrase because, if there isn’t a digital aspect to your marketing strategy in the modern era, then you’ve got some problems. So, in a sense, digital marketing is simply marketing. That being said, as we head through 2019, it is becoming increasingly clear how many more innovative and exciting digital … [Read More…] Fundamental Digital Marketing Practices For 2019