The 5 Tools To Create An Online Video Animation For Business Like A Pro

Creating a video animation has always been considered one of the most complex aspects of graphic design, which requires specific software and graphic design expertise. In addition, you must have a very powerful computer. Fortunately, today, things have changed. The emergence of numerous online video creation tools has simplified the process of creating animated videos. … [Read More…] The 5 Tools to Create an Online Video Animation for Business Like a Pro

Reputation Management

In the digital age, a positive online reputation is imperative for businesses of all types and sizes. A few poor reviews and negative posts on any social media platform can ruin your brand’s image that took you so long to build. If not handled properly, reputation management can ultimately spell the end of your business. … [Read More…] 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Reputation Management Firm

Empower Women in Business


The global GDP could soar by a remarkable 12 trillion dollars if we invest in the equality and empowerment of women. Closing the gender gap and making women economically independent is not only a social and moral issue, but also a huge business growth driver. Brands that are committed to empowering women in businesses stand … [Read More…] 5 Ways You Actually Empower Your Brand When You Empower Women in Business

How to Measure Marketing Campaign Effectiveness with Logo Detection


A 3-year-old child or even younger can recognize brands by their logos and react accordingly. At the same time, companies are competing against a shorter attention span and an ever-more-crowded advertising space. In these conditions, it becomes crucial to identify just how much impact the showing of the logo has, and if it is perceived … [Read More…] How to Measure Marketing Campaign Effectiveness with Logo Detection

mCommerce and Brand


Digital transformation has paved the way for M-Commerce to rule this highly competitive business world. With people eventually shifting from desktops to smartphones for performing regular tasks, businesses are making a paradigm shift. Statistics like 79% of smartphone owners take relevant action on their phones in “I Want to Buy” moments have helped M-Commerce to … [Read More…] Benefits that Will Push Your Brand to Get Ready for the M-Commerce Shift

choosing which knowledge base articles to write first


In our digital era, customers have become increasingly self-sufficient when digging for answers on the World Wide Web. Especially when it comes to searching how to use a specific product or service. When the right information is out there, it’s not too hard to discover solutions. This is where businesses have the opportunity to educate … [Read More…] The 10 Benefits of a Knowledge Base for Your Business