Mobile eCommerce Conversation


A vast majority of the website visits and eCommerce purchases now happen on mobile. This is why Google also give top priority to mobile-friendly sites in their search ranks. If you are running an eCommerce Store, you particularly have to focus on mobile conversion as most of your customers are likely to access your store … [Read More…] How to Boost Mobile Conversion for eCommerce: 6 Easy Tips to Follow

Blogger Outreach

There are all sorts of business methods used by brands these days to reach their target audience and grow their sales. With today’s digital world, there are several ways that businesses use to promote their brand, goods, and services as well as improve their reach. Often, this includes several forms of online promotion. Promoting a … [Read More…] 9 Reasons To Use Blogger Outreach For Your Business

The Implications of UI And UX Based Website Designs

As with all years that precede it since the advent of the internet and the birth of the first website, 2019 web design predictions are all over the place. Some are saying that three-dimensional illustrations are coming back, yet others say that flat designs are still where brands should focus. We can’t forget the ever-present … [Read More…] 7 Things You Should Consider When Redesigning Your Website in 2019


It’s 2019 and almost every brand and every company has a social media presence in some way. Yet, many digital marketers still spent a lot of time and money on organic content and post only. That strategy isn’t completely wrong: organic content still matters. But, if you’re not spending time on social media advertising—including advertising … [Read More…] The Secret to Social Media Ads and How to Win Big

Copywriting Mistakes

Sales Tips

I appreciate someone pointing out my mistake because I learn through them. But that doesn’t mean everyone else will do the same. In fact, mistakes are something that brands are rarely forgiven for, so falling short once can sometimes mean falling off the favorites list once and for all. “I am building a consumer brand” … [Read More…] Mistakes in Copywriting that everybody should take care of

Top 10 Free Tools to Take Your Workflow to the Next Level


If you’re a digital marketer, you’re probably acquainted with the notion of SEO. And if you know about SEO, then you’re also aware of how important it is to make your website or mobile application SEO-friendly so that Google Baba always showers his highest favors and honors on you (we’re talking about SEO ranking, duh!). … [Read More…] 11 Awesome Tools to Help You Scale Your Business!