…and what you can learn from the book launch Guy Kawasaki’s launch and book tour for Enchantment, The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, was an amazing thing to behold. If you’re on social media at all and have any interest in business or marketing, you couldn’t help but see pictures of fans … [Read More…] Enchantment: 10 Ways Guy Kawasaki Used Mind Control To Get Me To Buy His Book…

Networking for Introverts, Marketing For Shy People

As an introvert, common business activities like face-to-face networking, going to conferences, public speaking, and even publishing my thoughts online take a little extra effort and often require some mental self-cajoling.  I know there are a lot of people like me.  In fact, many more people online fit into the “lurkers” category than into the … [Read More…] Networking for Introverts: Resources For Shy Marketers

small busines marketing success tips

Online marketing can produce incredible results for businesses who are willing to learn the ropes, work at it, and put themselves out there. These small businesses, whether they’re a florist, a pool seller, a roofer, a yoga studio, a real estate agent, a life coach or a craft creator, are the ones who have the … [Read More…] Marketing Your Small Business Online? 10 Tips From The Experts

I had the pleasure of interviewing Krizia, who is a master interviewer and video marketer (and also the founder of the Women Entrepreneurs HQ)! She’s interviewed over 125 people on video including: Amy Porterfield Mari Smith Kate Buck David Kaminski Elisa Camahort Page ..and over 120 more Listen to the following interview where  we cover … [Read More…] 8 Secrets To Success Distilled From 125+ Interviews

I was interviewed by Adam Saverian last week. He’s the host of OBHR, the Online Business Hour podcast. The podcast covers topics like blogging, wordpress, online marketing, SEO and more. In this interview we went over the topic,” The Myth of Easy Marketing” (see related blog post). Topics that we covered include: 5 reasons why … [Read More…] The Myth Of Easy Interview – Online Business Hour

wordpress timthumb vulnerability fix

WordPress is an amazing tool that has given millions of individuals and businesses the ability to quickly and cheaply implement a robust website or blog. This allows people to have more control over the most critical element of their online marketing strategies, what I call their “home base” (their website/blog combination). Implementation of capabilities that … [Read More…] WordPress Security: Urgent TimThumb Vulnerability Fix