Blogging can be a powerful way to get your company noticed by your target customers, to build credibility and authority, and to get found by search engines like Google and Bing. The problem is, blog writing is different from the other kinds of writing that we’re used to, including the writing for essays, business articles, … [Read More…] 7 Essential Elements of a Blog Post (Video)

Recently I’ve been working with a lot of my clients on building their mailing lists. Everyone has learned that the “money’s in the list” (and it is). From the discussions, it’s clear that the psychology of the email sign-up is not intuitive. List-building is clearly nurture versus nature. “List-building is nurture versus nature. Learn 6 … [Read More…] 6 List-building Mistakes and Tools To Make It Easier

Online Marketing Experts

Let’s be blunt here. There are so many people vying for attention online that it’s very hard to stand out. The top marketers don’t just do the basics and hope for the best. They’re actually working it, day in and day out. In both overt and subtle ways, they’re forging a path and attracting followers, … [Read More…] 7 Social Media Secrets Gleaned From The Experts

Well, they’re the same person for one thing… Meet Superman Danny Iny, co-founder of Firepole Marketing, has written almost 100 guest posts, over 50 posts on his own blog, has co-authored TWO books with co-authors such as Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark and Mitch Joel and has done about 50 interviews. In addition, while doing all … [Read More…] What do Superman, Freddy Krueger and a Blogging Process Freak have in common?

Why use social media for your business

The other day I was talking with one of my newer clients about social media. We were just a few hours into a new project that included getting his company’s social media properties in place and setting up an integrated social media engagement strategy. He suddenly said something roughly like this, “Now I get it. … [Read More…] Why Do Social Media For Your Company? Perception vs. Reality

Pinterest is Hot Pinterest is the current darling of social media. It landed in the top 10 social media properties in November according to Experian Hitwise with 31 million total visits, notably beating out Google+. It grew an amazing 4,000 percent in six months as of December 2011 (Hitwise, Cnet). And It Seems To Be … [Read More…] Pinterest & Marketing: Good or Bad? The Survey Results Are In!