Guest blogging is a hot topic these days. I can see why. Because it works. People like Jon Morrow (BoostBlogTraffic), Danny Iny (Firepole Marketing), Leo Widrich (Buffer), Kristi Hines ( and Ann Smarty (SEOSmarty) have used guest blogging to get huge amounts of exposure for their brands and tons of additional traffic for their blogs … [Read More…] 6 Little-Known Reasons Guest Blogging Is Essential To Your Development

How To Use Webinars For More Sales

I was recently asked to present for’s “Small Business Toolkit” Webinar Series. Well, the replay is available and you can now watch the webinar (no sign up required) by clicking on the webinar picture below. About The Webinar Here’s the webinar description: Webinars are a very important and powerful way to connect with your … [Read More…] How to Use Webinars to Generate More Sales (Webinar Replay)

The Psychology of Pinterest Addiction There was a recent infographic about why Pinterest is so popular – access it here (Why is Pinterest So Addictive? by Flowtown/Column Five). It’s a good infographic that has a lot of great points, but I think it focuses too much on the tool (Pinterest) and misses some of the … [Read More…] Why Pinterest is Addictive – A Contrarian View

Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Resource Guide

Whether you work for a large brand or own your own small business, I’m sure you’re hearing quite a bit about Pinterest. You may be asking yourself, should we be marketing on Pinterest? Is this a fad? How can Pinterest help my business? How would I market on Pinterest anyway? If you ask yourself any … [Read More…] The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Resource Guide (89 Helpful Resources)

Whether you call it a webinar, a webcast, or a web conference, a lot of companies, consultants, authors and small business owners are learning the value of presenting live to an online audience (Get my free “Webinar Mistakes” ebook here). While many companies are used to presenting at in-person events (the local chamber of commerce, … [Read More…] How to Do a Webinar Using Free or Inexpensive Tools

How to do a webinar

Webinars are a great way to develop a bond with a group of people that you want to connect with. It’s an efficient way to communicate complex concepts or to inspire people’s passions. It’s also a great platform for selling your products (so long as you provide a good education at the same time). I’ve … [Read More…] 5 Surefire Ways To Screw Up Your Webinar