If you run a company these days, it’s probably hard to figure out where to invest your limited marketing resources and time. For a long time, achieving better Search Engine Optimization was the holy grail. Then, Social Media engagement supplanted SEO (at least in the press) as the bigger, more important goal. Along the way, … [Read More…] What about the Company Blog? A Cautionary Content Marketing Tale (Video)

The business blog is one of the best tools to support companies in the use of content as a marketing weapon. A company’s blog is the natural and ideal location for posting written content, videos, pictures and audio. In addition, when the content is shared by the company and by readers in social media, in … [Read More…] How to Blog Sensibly: A Business Blogging Checklist

What's the value of projects you don't finish?

If you’re like me, you have a virtual (or real) warehouse of unfinished projects. Can you calculate the value of those projects based on percent of completion (e.g. $20K product x 90% complete = $18K)? No, unfortunately not. In most cases you can’t sell an unfinished project. Yes, you can “part it out”. In physical … [Read More…] What’s the Value of Your Unfinished Projects?

Writing winning email or blog post headlines

Guest post by Peter Sandeen You’ve heard it a thousand times, “The headline is the most important part of any text…” And you’ve probably heard, “You only have a few seconds to capture attention…” You’d think everybody has already understood that you must write great headlines that capture the readers’ attention immediately, right? NOOooo… Most … [Read More…] 4 Ways to Write “Hot” Headlines that Force Readers to Pay Attention

If you’re using Pinterest to curate content (click to see how), you sometimes run into a great blog post that doesn’t have a picture or has a picture that is too small to pin. Thanks to Maggie McGary over at Social Fish, I learned about a great tool (Shotpin) that I now use for pinning blogs … [Read More…] How to Pin to Pinterest if there is no Picture (Tool)

On the eve of the start of my third semester teaching SFSU’s Social Media Marketing Tools course, I thought it would be appropriate to share this Social Media Checklist. The Whole Brain Group did a great job of pulling this together. Some additions that I would include in version 3: Facebook – Comment (as a page) … [Read More…] The Social Media Checklist – Keep Up With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest