what's a platform

Guest post by Rebecca Livermore The word, “platform” can be a bit confusing since it can be used so many different ways. What is a Platform? A platform can refer to computer hardware – something I definitely won’t be building. Or it can refer to the structure you stand on when waiting to board a … [Read More…] What is a Platform and Why Do I Need One?

Social media marketing is by far one of the most lucrative (and typically affordable) ways to reach a large target audience at once. However, there aren’t many institutions that formally train pupils on how to properly utilize the broad spectrum of social media platforms available, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In fact, only a … [Read More…] 5 Ways to Develop a Social Media Resume While You’re a College Student

name my easy blogging course

The name of a product or training program is critical to your business. A good name can really communicate the benefits of your offering and trigger a positive emotional response with potential customers. A bad name can really repel potential clients and land with a dull thud (and leave you with a thin wallet). Which … [Read More…] How to Use Facebook Crowdsourcing to Name Your Product or Program

pinterest tips and ideas

Guest post by Caeden M MacGregor Pinterest is the newest social media craze—capturing the attention of over 3 million unique visitors with its mainly female fan base. I admit, I was sucked in for about 4 hours the first time I logged onto the visual social sharing platform that blends my love of curating my photos … [Read More…] 5 Pinterest Tips for Visually Engaging your Niche Audience

grow your business..today!

Are you doing the things needed to take your business to the next level? Are you taking action or waiting on the sidelines? Are you investing strategically in your capabilities and supporting technologies? Are you taking reasonable risks each day? Are you using coaches or mentors who’ve “been there”? Are you doing away with unnecessary … [Read More…] Are you taking your business onward and upward?

If people who don’t know you want to find out about you, guess where they look? Facebook? Probably not at first. LinkedIn. Possibly, but probably not the first place they look either. If people want to find out about you, they’ll most likely “Google You”!Do you know where you rank? Click to Tweet This Here … [Read More…] How to Rank in Google for Your Own Name (Infographic)