Do you have the passion to win?


Guest post by Michael Neuendorff I don’t watch a lot of sports on TV or listen to it on the radio, but I am a fan. I’m a sports fan because I like to see amazing achievement when it matters. I like to see the indefatigable pursuit of a worthy goal. The laser-like focus of … [Read More…] How Passionate Are You To Win?

blogs generation know, like, trust

I had the opportunity to meet Bob Burg this week and to hear him speak. Now, he’s a true master of sales, referrals and influence. One of the points he drives home in his books as well as in his lectures is the importance of allowing people Know, Like and Trust you (somehow the phrase … [Read More…] Your Blog is the Ultimate “Know, Like and Trust Generation Machine”

Blogs. Funny name – almost playful sounding. But the reality is that blogs are serious business. Whatever you call them – “timely article repositories”, “online company (or personal) magazines”, “multimedia web-based newsletters on steroids” – they are critical and are not going away. People Get A Huge Portion of Their News From Blogs (directly or … [Read More…] Sorry. The Web Runs On Blog Content (AKA The Blogging Manifesto)

The meaning of SEO

Guest post by David Leonhardt I recently wrote on my blog that Google is not fair. Now in case you think that I am being unfair to Google, let me explain that I made it very clear that I did not expect Google to be fair – that being fair is not Google’s goal. “Let’s … [Read More…] What SEO Really Means

Guest blogging is a common way to get exposure in a niche, to build better connections with other bloggers, and to get backlinks to your own blog. But…does Google hate Guest Blogging? But will the backlinks from your guest posts on other sites come back to haunt you when Google’s next algorithm change hits? Will … [Read More…] Does Google Hate Guest Blogging?

This is a nice example of a video infographic that provides statistics and user data for Pinterest. It includes information about.. The people who pin: Female vs. Male Age and Income Level Unique Visitors Pinterest’s growth rate Business on Pinterest: Amount of referral traffic versus Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Major companies on Pinterest How to … [Read More…] Pinterest Statistics, Demographics and Usage (Video Infographic)