11 Ways to Grow Your Law Firm Traffic By 300%

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11 Ways to Grow Your Law Firm Traffic by 300%

As an increasing number of legal professionals are making known their services online, it is imperative to stand apart from the crowd and be easily accessible to your potential clients. Leads are always crucial to law firms and here are 11 ways to grow your law firm traffic through the internet.

1. Appealing Web Design

The first impression is still always the best impression. With numerous law firms’ websites adding up online, a person visiting your website for the first time would expect to be able to find things simple and pleasing to the eye. Web design includes several factors such as,

  1. Placing texts at appropriate spots on each page
  2. Making navigation within the website simpler
  3. Design the web pages based on the core service highlighted/content placed
  4. A color scheme to suit the tone of the writing

2. Create a Landing Page that Resonates with Your Target Prospects

Since the landing page is the first thing your visitors will see, they need to feel that they will receive the legal help they require from people who understand it well. This can be brought in by explaining what your law firm does and what value it provides.

For example, if you are a divorce attorney, emphasize on avoiding the stress and pain through the process when they work with you. After all, that is the first thing they would want to protect their family from; more so if children are involved in the separation.

3. Write Content on Your Website Blog Regularly

The blog on your website is where the visitors would head to get an understanding of the legal terminologies. People like to know the basics of legal issues they might deal with in the case they have and the complications that might arise out of it. Writing case studies that explain the problem, procedure and solution along with legal terms explained to a layman gives them the confidence to approach you further. Also, there are several people who like to gain an understanding of how certain laws work, and there are others who have a curiosity to get to know more about the Law by reading such articles written by professionals. Catering to the needs of different kinds of readers and clients alike would keep them hooked to your website. Also, the giant search engine Google will read through your website when content is regularly added on it.

4. Search Engine Optimization

SEO will always stay on top of the game for as long as search engines are on the internet. The amazing web design and impressive content will reach the audience you are targeting only when your website ranks on top of the search engine results for law firms. When people search, they don’t go past the first 3-4 results on the search engine results page. The count will slash down even more if the paid websites pop-up better looking above the actual search results. It is wise to get professional help as SEO experts would not only plan and execute SEO for your website but also use tools like Google analytics that will track how well the plan is actually working for you. Local SEO will make your website easily available when people search for an attorney in your city.

5. Video Marketing

Videos are a great catch for people who don’t like to read. It’s also a refresher for those who might have read extensively on the subject and would like the pictorial presentation of the same. Also, Google has a liking for videos, and your website is more likely to feature on the first page of Google search engine results when videos are regularly added. So it’s a win-win.

6. Add live Chat on Your Website

While most lawyers cringe on the number of hours spent on giving away free legal advice online, live chat still works wonders. The benefits of it-

  • Immediate answers to the questions turn leads to conversion in minutes
  • Your business is open 24/7
  • When your agents take up the query, the prospective client has a face to look forward to when they decide to step into your office
  • You can turn interest into leads

7. Display Credibility on Your Website

People always like to see what kind of work you have done before. You can add case studies, testimonials from your clients, reviews and press release on your website. There are a few law firms who even display the cases they have closed along with the result of it on their website month-on-month. This showcases they have regular business flowing in and their law firm attorneys are proficient in helping people in the core practice areas mentioned. When content is presented in different forms, it piques the interest of the readers. It is also a key factor in content marketing.

8. Increasing Presence in Legal Directories

Legal directories are like a real estate platform for law firm websites online. Being featured in the main legal directories puts your law firm ‘out there’ amongst a million other law firms that are vying for the visitor’s attention. When you raise your profile in these directories, it helps boost traffic of your website as a hyperlink of your website will be placed on it. Also, when your law firm is mentioned on third-party websites, it improves SEO.

9. Google AdWords Campaign for High-Quality Traffic

It is worth investing in the Google AdWords campaign with an expert SEO professional. A well-planned and optimized campaign can send large volumes of high-quality traffic to your website. An experienced professional can compete for the right keywords in each geolocation to bring in the target audience.

10. Social Media Marketing

Social media is going bigger in 2019. Being active on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook expose your law firm to the general public. LinkedIn connects you to professionals and your posts on the social networking site would keep them updated on the latest news. You can publish articles relevant to the social issues of the hour and keep the readers abreast. Twitter is easy to express your views, and Facebook has the largest audience. Facebook ads have several new features of targeting different sections of people, and you can be specific about your target client vertical.

11. Establish Core Practice Areas on Your Website

List your actual practice areas on the menu of the website for easy navigation. This helps in establishing your core practice areas in detail. Search engines scan through the web pages that are listed on the menu and take it to be the main services offered by your website. It boosts the ranking for the keywords you are targeting and explains the readers on your specialization.


Among a plethora of ways to boost traffic online, the ways as mentioned above are the main ones for attorney marketing this year. You can take guidance from top websites to help you with the tips and tricks or hire a professional who will do the work for you to get proven results.

About The Author:

Fazeela is a Digital Marketing Executive at Bright Bridge Infotech, an attorney marketing company and she enjoys learning about the Digital Marketing field. She specializes in guest blogging, blog publishing, and social media. She is an avid reader and loves writing impeccable contents pertaining to digital marketing. She holds a bachelor degree in Engineering.