Can Sales and Marketing Work Together? Lessons from #CMWorld Twitter Chat

Can Sales and Marketing Work Together?

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Can Sales and Marketing Work Together?

How can sales and marketing work together? Does sales “get” content marketing? Do marketers deliver what sales needs? These are the types of questions addressed in the recent Content Marketing Institute Twitter Chat on Content and Sales hosted by Carla Johnson.

It was a compelling chat packed with insights from Carla as well as the many content marketers in attendance. In order to internalize and archive many of the lessons as well as to share it with others, I pulled 100 of the top tweets from the session into a a list (using Listly).

There are 25 tweets per page and feel free to vote on your favorite insights or embed the list of your site! I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

[listly id=”LQh” layout=”full”]

What did you learn?

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