5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Reputation Management Firm

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Reputation Management Firm

In the digital age, a positive online reputation is imperative for businesses of all types and sizes. A few poor reviews and negative posts on any social media platform can ruin your brand’s image that took you so long to build. If not handled properly, reputation management can ultimately spell the end of your business.

Research suggests that 85 percent of consumers take online reviews as important as personal recommendations. You can gain the market’s trust if your business has positive online reviews; however, things can go south in case of negative reviews. According to statistics, you can lose as much as 22 percent of your business when customers read a bad review about your business on the first page of the search engine.

Hiring a Reputation Management Firm:

Knowing the importance of a brand’s online image, many businesses are now turning to online reputation management software and firms to boost their online personas. Online reputation management providers can help businesses promote positive news and reviews and reduce negative online content about the business. In some cases, they also help you control crises.

Before you proceed with the tricky hiring for such an important service, we advise you to take your time and figure out what you and your business needs. In this post, we will tell you what to ask when hiring a reputation management firm for your business.

Ask about their Content Development and Management:

Content still plays an important role when it comes to ranking higher in search engines. To build a good reputation, you need to produce high-quality content that educates and engages the audience continuously. When hiring a reputation management service provider, make sure you choose the one who can ensure that your website and blog are well organized and well written. This is because good content is the first step to add credibility to your business.

While most reputation management firms will help you improve existing content and produce new material for your website, but you still need to inquire about their content development and management strategies. This will help you realize how the firm intends to produce positive results about you or your business.

How Long Will It Take to Inform Me About Negative Feedback?

In every business, quick response plays a huge rule in customer satisfaction. A 2018 survey showed that 53.3 percent of customers expect a business to respond to their review and feedback them within seven days. However, findings show that 63.3 percent of consumers never hear back from businesses after they leave a review.

Responding to reviews, positive and negative alike, is a golden opportunity to connect with your customers. It gives you a chance to mend your relationship with unhappy customers by adequately addressing their concerns. Therefore, it is important to ask your reputation management firm how quickly they can inform you about negative reviews.

What Performance Metrics Does the Firm Offer?

It can be difficult to gauge your business’s success if you don’t know how your reputation management is being handled. A good reputation management service provider will show you all the metrics to give you an insight into how your business is performing. This helps you track your performance and analyze the reviews that you are getting.

Ask all the pertinent questions that will give you the overall trajectory of your business’s online reputation and other important metrics like website traffic and rankings.

How Will They Handle Negative Content About My Business?

Negative reviews can detrimental to business. You can’t simply leave it to hang out in the browser and let it repel your customers. Therefore, you need to ask the reputation management firm about their plans to get rid of negative content in the search engines about your business.

Most service providers will ask you to produce more positive content which will push down the negative mentions and reviews. However, others will use tactics like DoS attacks or hacking to get negative content away from the customers’ eye. Whatever method they use, you need to inquire about it because your business can’t afford negative content to show up in the search results.

How Will They Deal With Your Competitors?

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” When the brilliant Chinese military strategist said these words, its implications were not limited to the warfare alone. This advice is equally applicable to businesses to this day. In business, you not only need to keep an eye on your business partners but also be vigilant of what your competitors are involved in. If they are constantly outperforming you, you need to know what their customers like about them.

A good reputation management firm will mine your competitors’ reviews and data and tell you about their business strategies based on the reviews. This can be an immensely valuable tool for your business because once you know your competitor’s ratings, you can aim at beating them.

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