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I was interviewed by Adam Saverian last week. He’s the host of OBHR, the Online Business Hour podcast. The podcast covers topics like blogging, wordpress, online marketing, SEO and more. In this interview we went over the topic,” The Myth of Easy Marketing” (see related blog post).

Topics that we covered include:

  • 5 reasons why there is no “easy marketing”
  • What types of gimmicks or “silver bullets” people typically fall for
  • Is all automation bad? What tools can help you without being
  • How to be a discerning buyer of SEO, Social Media or Blogging services
  • Which online marketing tasks companies can outsource
  • One of the most important things to consider for your business blog
  • Social media engagement – to outsource or not to outsource?
  • What tools can companies use for your online marketing?
  • What steps can small businesses take to get started with online marketing?
  • How to use LinkedIn Groups (e.g. the Small Business Marketing Forum) can be a good place to get started with your social media engagement
  • How businesses can use blogs more effectively to market their companies

Click below to hear the interview:

Listen here
Online Business Hour Interview


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